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5 Ways a WordPress Contract Plugin Can Improve Your Business

Kevin Michael Gray

Do you spend loads of time printing and sending paper documents back and forth for signatures?

Have you ever lost a sale when the document-trail went cold, just when you thought the customer was ready to sign?

Are you currently using e-signature software but are reluctant to keep paying the monthly fees, especially when the number of signers is limited?

If you answered ‘Yes!’ to all of the above questions, keep reading.

A WordPress Contract Plugin may be just what your business is looking for.


Here are five ways that it can help your business:

1. Save Time

A WP Contract Plugin creates contracts and agreements ready for individuals to simply fill in the blanks with their details and an e-signature. They are accessed on your own website rather than on a third-party site. This is a great way to impress customers: all signers receive an automated ‘signer invite’ email with the secure site URL to access their agreement, ready to finalise the deal within minutes.  With the appropriate add-ons the document can be automatically saved as a PDF, synced with Dropbox or attach to an email. The plugin is easy to set up, easy to use – and it sure beats faxing or emailing, saving time and effort along the way.

2. Save Money & Boost Cashflow

Without the need to print onto paper, fax or mail documents you are saving money. A free WordPress contract plugin is not costing you a cent, yet allows you to tie up lucrative contracts and agreements – that must be good for business! The plugin imposes no limits as to number of documents or signatories. And, of course, with contracts being agreed quicker, you get paid quicker. This can boost cashflow – especially important for new businesses that may struggle to free up cash.

3. WordPress Contract Plugin Increase Sales

So much business is lost by customers getting cold feet, or backing out when their initial burning desire to buy starts to cool off. It’s important to strike while the fire is there!  A WordPress contract plugin is a fantastic tool that allows businesses and individual freelancers to make more money by preparing the contracts and closing deals faster.

4. Make Everything Legally Binding

When you use our WordPress online contract plugin, the documents you create will be legally binding and the signatures will hold up in a court of law. The U.S. government passed e-signature legislation in Y2K that gave e-signature based agreements the same legal standing as paper contracts; the customer can sign the agreement with a UETA/ESIGN-compliant digital signature that will be recognized in court, in case of dispute.

5. Sign Contracts Anywhere at Anytime

The world is increasingly becoming mobile – and a lot of business needs to be done on the fly. With a WordPress contract plug in you can allow customers to complete contracts and agreements with a legal, UETA/ESIGN-compliant signature from all touch screen devices like iPads, iPhones and Android smartphones. Being able to offer this extra functionality can significantly boost business and puts you in an elite band of companies that are utilizing the latest e-signature technology.

WP Digital E-Signature is the leading WordPress contract plugin. It is specifically designed to handle the needs of WordPress websites and their customers.

The form generation plugins that create the beautiful forms you see on WordPress sites are NOT designed purely for signing legally-binding documents. That is the SOLE focus of WP E-Signature. We have spent years developing a platform that adheres to strict national and international document signing guidelines, and which protects you in a courtroom if a signature is challenged.

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