How to Convince Your Boss It’s Time to Start Using E-Signature

Joe Cinocca

All of the global indicators point to the newfound popularity of paperless transactions and lightning-quick convenience that this new technology brings.

Unfortunately, there are still people that believe the  ApproveMe E-Signature revolution is just some fad that will pass with time. Business owners have quickly recognized how much money they are saving by using this new tool for quick, short and long-term results.

If your boss is resistant to adopting the digital signature technology, here are a few suggestions that might appeal to their logical sensibilities.

Return On Investment (ROI)

Anyone that conducts business understands that the money they spend on weekly and monthly expenses has an effect on the company bottom line. By showing your boss just how much the company is spending on paperwork and processing versus the cost of incorporating ApproveMe’s WP Digital E-Signature into their corporate structure, you will be showing them that you are thinking about ways to help the company, not only evolve, but make a bigger cash flow each month.

There are several questions that you can ask yourself that will help you in the way you address the topic with your boss.

* Are you having documents (i.e. Invoices, Bills Of Lading, Contracts, etc.) signed every month? If so, how often does this happen?

* How many pages do most of your signed documents contained (i.e. one sheets vs. multiple copies of a contract)

* How many documents do you physically mail out every month? What is the time to prepare the documents for mailing and the postage costs to execute this?

* Does your company use an overnight courier service? If so, how many times per month? What kind of expenses does that incur?

* How many documents are being sent via two-day or priority mail each month?

* Does your company still use a fax machine? How many faxes are sent every month?

* Is your company scanning documents? How many items get scanned every month?

* Does your company have a filing system? How many documents need to be filed each month?

By adding up all of these monthly costs, you will be able to show your boss just how much is being spent on doing things the current way. Based on research, our customers are saving $1,000 – $2 million yearly by adopting ApproveMe’s E-signature into their daily routine. Phasing out paper costs, office supplies and the labor necessary to keep it all organized is a simple process that can have amazing results for your company.

Outlining A Strategy

This simple math should get their attention. Explain in a simple way what would need to happen for your company to obliterate the costs on reams of paper, physical mail-outs and labor costs associated with getting the tasks executed.

A proposed budget with specific goals and targets that are easily traceable can not only propel your company into the digital age, but have a major impact on the bottom line, which could result in nice bonuses in the future.

ApproveMe will decrease the amount of time spent stuffing envelopes, dealing with FedEx, UPS or postage meters.

ApproveMe frees up time for your employees to work on projects and tasks that are important towards earning more revenue for your company.

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