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Event Volunteer Application Template

Here's what you'll find in the Event Volunteer Application:

  • A contract template for those who would like to volunteer at events
  • A universal, easy to follow, sample volunteer application
  • Advice on getting contracts signed quickly, digitally, and legally
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Event Volunteer Application Template

If you find yourself planning a large event, you may find yourself needing volunteers to help with all of the tasks. Volunteers are needed for various organizations and events. An event volunteer application allows an organization to review a volunteer’s qualifications and availability. Here is what you will find in the event volunteer application pdf and registration form template:

  • Recommendations on what information should be gathered from potential volunteers.
  • Guidance on event volunteer applications and its crucial components.
  • A universal, easy to follow, sample volunteer application.

What is an Event Volunteer Application?  An event volunteer application is the first step in the event planning process when planning a special event. Volunteer work provides an opportunity for individuals to give back to their community and make a positive impact on society. A volunteer application form is for prospective volunteers who are interested in volunteering for an event. The volunteer form will provide the potential volunteer’s personal information along with their interest in the organization and what special skills they may offer that could contribute to the event. It is an organizational form that provides the event planner and volunteer coordinator with essential information. This information is reviewed, and the planners can determine which volunteers are the best fit for the event. Why Do I need a Volunteer Application?  The larger the event, the more volunteers are needed. An event volunteer application is provided to potential volunteers who are interested in an event. Non-profits and other charitable organizations recruit volunteers for various functions such as marathons, food drives, and other special events. Volunteers also participate in events for community service. A volunteer application is essential for volunteer management. It is similar to a job application. It provides the individual’s personal information and what unique skills they bring to the table. Depending on the organization and event, a background check may be necessary. Other names for an event volunteer application include:

  • Volunteer registration form
  • New volunteer application
  • Event volunteer form
  • Volunteer Registration Application

What Should be Included in an Event Volunteer Application – The Top 5 Components   An event volunteer application should identify a great deal of information. This helps the organization coordinate the event and review relevant information to determine if the volunteer is a good match. Here are 5 critical components of a successful event volunteer application:

  1. Contact Information and Important Personal Details – A volunteer application is virtually useless if a potential volunteer’s application does not include their basic contact information. This usually includes their name, address, phone number, email address, date of birth, and driver’s license. The date of birth may be important to determine if the volunteer is under the age of 18. If so, a parent or guardian will also have to sign the application. A driver’s license number may be necessary if the organization needs to conduct a background check. An emergency contact should also be included in this section in the event of an emergency.
  2. Preferred Volunteer Roles and Availability – The volunteers can list which positions they prefer. This gives the volunteer coordinator a good idea of what areas the prospective volunteer feels the most confident in. This also serves as a reference point if the organization needs to sort volunteers quickly. This is also true with their availability. It is important that the volunteer application has space for the volunteer to list the dates and times they are available to take on a shift.
  3. Qualifications, Training, Experience, and Skills – This section of an application is where the interested volunteer can list any training or skills they can bring to the event. It may be helpful if the volunteer is bilingual or has specialized computer skills. Other qualifications could be if they are CPR and First Aid certified. This component of the registration form should be easy to locate so the organization can sort the candidates and place them in the most appropriate role.
  4. References – It is important that the volunteers can provide organization or non-profit recruits can provide references that speak to their character and reputation. Remember, the volunteer will be representing the organization or non-profit.
  5. Volunteer Agreement and Disclosures – This part of an event volunteer application provides disclosures to the potential volunteer. They are acknowledging and agreeing that they understand that the organization may not be responsible for medical treatment. It also ensures that the volunteer confirms they are fit to perform the duties of a volunteer for the event. The volunteer should list any physical limitations they may have that could potentially impact their performance and safety. The agreement portion also provides that the volunteer is providing true and accurate information. Lastly, if the potential volunteer is under the age of consent, a parent or guardian is required to sign the application.

There are other important elements of an event volunteer application, such as an applicant’s criminal history, education level, affiliations with other organizations, current employment, volunteer experience, and more. An organization should customize a volunteer application to best represent and suit their needs for an event. Sometimes an event will require the volunteers to wear matching t-shirts. Therefore, there should be a section in the application that asks for the applicant to provide their t-shirt size. What Are Some Common Mistakes in Event Volunteer Applications? An event volunteer application is a necessity for an organization’s event. Excluding sections for the volunteer’s personal information, along with their qualifications. Sometimes, not even incorporating a volunteer application in your routine business practice can slow down the process and lead to disorganization. The larger the event, the more volunteers will be needed. It is critical to have an organization system in place, and that starts with an event volunteer application. How Can I get My Event Volunteer Application Filled Out and Signed?  ApproveMe can help your team with its volunteer needs. Bigger events will require a significant amount of volunteer applications. An online form can streamline and simplify the process. A form builder can allow you to tailor the application that meets your organization’s specific needs. ApproveMe allows you to send your event volunteer application to a broad audience of prospective volunteers. It is user-friendly and sends copies of the completed applications right to your inbox. Event Planning Resources  Organizing an event can be stressful. Here are some noteworthy event planning resources to help organize a successful event.


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Event Volunteer Application

Name: Date of Birth: Driver’s License Number:
Phone Number(s):
Email Address
Preferred Method of Contact:      [  ] Phone     [  ] Email
Name: Phone:
Event Name: Event Date:
Event Address:  
Have you volunteered before? Please describe.    
Why are you interested in volunteering with this organization?    
Are you affiliated with any community organizations or clubs? If so, please explain
Describe any special skills, talents, secondary languages, or hobbies you may have.  
Who is your current employer (if applicable)?  
What is your highest level of education?  
Please list any certifications (First Aid and CPR) you may have along with the dates of certification and expiration of the same:    
Do you have any prior criminal convictions or offenses? If so, please describe.  
Please list your volunteer position preference(s):      
How many hours and days are you available for volunteer work?    
What training, experience, or skills do you have that may be related to the volunteer position desired?    
Please list any physical limitations you may have:  
Name: Phone:
Name: Phone:
What is your T-Shirt size?
How did you hear about us?

Volunteer Agreement Medical Treatment. I hereby release and forever discharge ___________________________ from any claim whatsoever which may arise in relation to any treatment, first aid, or service rendered with my activities with _________________________. Insurance. I understand that ___________________________ does not maintain or carry medical, health, or disability insurance coverage to any volunteer. Every volunteer is expected to attain their own medical or health insurance. Fitness. I certify that I am physically, mentally, and emotionally fit to perform the volunteer activities as assigned as part of the above-referenced event. If you are under the age of eighteen (18) years old a parent or legal guardian must sign below. I hereby agree that my answers to this event volunteer agreement are true and correct as of the effective date below and that I have not knowingly or willingly left out any fact or circumstance that would, if disclosed, adversely impact my application. I understand that any false information submitted with this application may result in my removal as a volunteer for ___________________________. I agree to abide by all rules, regulations, polices, and procedures set by ___________________________’s guidelines. ______________________________________________________ Date: __________________ Applicant’s Signature   For applicants under the age of eighteen (18), the undersigned parent of legal guardian of the minor volunteer consents to the applicant submitting this event volunteer application and volunteering as described above. ______________________________________________________ Date: __________________ Parent or Legal Guardian’s Signature.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you write in a volunteer applications?

When you are applying for a volunteer position, you should mention your skills and experience that can be applicable to the position. You should also mention why you want to volunteer in that particular organization.
You may want to include information about your availability, any special skills or talents that will make you more valuable as a volunteer, and any other relevant information about yourself.

What is volunteer application form?

A volunteer application form is a document that is completed by an individual who wishes to become a volunteer.
The form should contain personal information, such as the person's name, address, telephone number, and email address. It should also contain information about the volunteer's work experience and what they are willing to do.

What should be included in a Volunteer Applications Template?

A volunteer application template can be used to screen potential candidates and identify the best candidates for your organization. A good volunteer application should include:
- The skills, knowledge, and experience of the applicant
- A list of tasks that the applicant would like to do in their role as a volunteer
- The time commitment required by the applicant
- The name of the organization or group
- A statement about the purpose of the organization or group

Why do I need a volunteer applications template?

Volunteer applications template is a document that collects information about the volunteer applicant.
The purpose of the volunteer application form is to collect information about the volunteer applicant. This information will be used to determine if they are qualified to be a part of the organization. The volunteer application form also helps to establish a relationship with the potential volunteer and can provide insight into their interests, hobbies, and skills.

What is a volunteer applications template?

A volunteer application template is a document that outlines the requirements for an individual who wants to volunteer with the organization. The template should include what is expected of the applicant, such as availability, skills, experience and other relevant information.
The purpose of a volunteer application is to provide an efficient way for organizations to find volunteers with the right skills and experience.

Who needs a volunteer application template?

Organizations that are looking for volunteers or interns should use a volunteer application template. Volunteer organizations need this type of template because it can be customized to suit their needs. The form usually includes questions about the person's skillset, availability, and other pertinent information.
The volunteer application template can also be used by any other type of organization or individual looking for a job or internship opportunity.

What must a volunteer application template have?

Volunteer application templates are a great way to streamline the process of recruiting volunteers. They allow you to ask for specific details from applicants and even attach a resume or other relevant information. A volunteer application template should include the following:
-Company name and logo
-Application title
-Contact information (name, email, phone number)
-Purpose of the volunteer position
-Requirements (education, experience)
-Benefits (transportation, meals)
-Responsibilities (hours per week, tasks)
-Terms and conditions

Does a volunteer application template have to be in writing?

It is a best practice to have all your business contracts in writing. This makes it easy for your volunteer to know what information to provide to you and lays out your expectations you have for your volunteer.
If you have it in writing, you can also have all parties add their signatures to the document to help protect everyone in the event of any confusion or disputes about the agreement.

What should I put in my volunteer application template?

A volunteer application template is a document that has all the information about the applicant. It should contain personal information, qualifications, and skills. The template should also include the job description and requirements for the position.
A volunteer application template can be used to save time when you are creating a document because it has the sections already included for you. You can download the template on this page using the Download Contract button and then add your business specifics.

How to make a volunteer application template

You can make a volunteer application template by downloading the sample on this page. Then you can read through each section carefully to make sure it matches exactly what you are looking for.
Once you confirm it has all of the sections you need, replace the empty fields with the information you need for your contract.

How long is a volunteer application form good for?

A volunteer application form is an essential document for any organization that relies on volunteers. It helps the organization to identify the skills and interests of the applicant, as well as their availability.
The volunteer application includes dates and times that the volunteer agrees to, so they vary from company to company. When you download the template on this page, you can add your custom text to define how long this contract is in place for.

What are some volunteer application template examples?

You can find a free volunteer application template example on this page. The professionals at have created it for you, so all you need to do is customize it by adding your data and reviewing it carefully to make sure the terms meet your needs.

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