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7 Easy Ways You Can Save Loads of Time Using An E-Signature 

Susie Morrow

My workday can be crazy. I start, always thinking today I’ll have time to do all those little things I keep putting off. Then by midday all hell has broken loose and the headless chicken comes home to roost, yet again. It’s frustrating, sure, but it also affects my productivity and that mean my business doesn’t work as well as it could. So anyway that I can make productivity increase is interesting to me. This is where an e-signature comes in.

E-signatures allow you to automate business document processes. And automation is good – sort of like the enemy of procrastination.

Analysts, McKinsey, who spend a lot of time looking at improving workplace environments, have found that automation can be used in 45% of the activities that a person is normally paid to do, saving $2 trillion in annual wages in the USA alone.

Any part of the business document workflow process is one of the areas that can benefit. So let’s jump in and find out where using e-signatures saves you time and ultimately money.

#1 Save time onboarding through centralization

If you have to send out paper documents and contracts, even by email, it takes time. And then there’s the, can you just print this pdf document out, sign it and date it, scan it, then email it back, brigade. So they can then, print it, sign it, scan it, email it back to you, and so it goes on. Wow, talk about time consuming and irritating.
With e-signature products, like ApproveMe, you don’t have these extended lifecycle actions, instead you have one, smooth and seamless process, centralized from your own website, that allows multiple parties to sign a document without ever having to print and scan again.

#2 Don’t lose sleep over lost documents

Having a central repository for signed contracts and NDA’s etc. is really useful. I don’t know how many times I’ve had to search through my filing system to find a document and just can’t. Just having the ability to, for example, synchronize a digitally signed document with your Dropbox account, saves time and thought. No more lost contracts or NDA’s!

#3 The temple of templates

Making a new document or contract for each client takes up lots of time. ApproveMe lets you create a store of templates that you just re-use for each new contract, etc. These can be from pre-existing template examples, or from your own existing documents and agreements. You can then add the signature blocks and it enters the seamless e-signature process – sweet and simple and fast.

#4 Automation made simple

If you can take a process and make it fully automated, i.e. remove ‘side-steps’ like printing out, then you save time. If you use an integrated e-signature solution, like ApproveMe, which works directly from your WordPress site, you can create a complete lifecycle: from starting agreement, through multiple signatures, shared across all stakeholders, through agreed contract and archiving – all from one central place – you can even automate the follow ups. It makes creating, signing and completing agreements and documents, fast, seamless, and simple.

#5 Keeping in touch without the hassle

So you’ve sent out the agreement and are ready to start work, but your client hasn’t signed. It’s a real hassle, taking time out of our busy day to chase up signatures and close that deal. With ApproveMe you can, at the click of a button, send out signature reminders to your client.

#6 Device Independence Day

You don’t need to worry anymore about the complexities of reading and signing of your document across multiple people and devices. You can sign on any device, from anywhere, at anytime, the technical barriers to completion are removed; all you have to deal with is making sure you and your client are on the same mental page, not the same device.

#7 Going paperless

One of the major wins for the use of the e-signature is the paperless office. Before we had legally binding e-signature technology there wasn’t really a truly paperless office scenario. You always had the signature conundrum. With fully online, centralized, workflow integrated e-signature technology, like ApproveMe, you can finally go paperless. No longer are you the slave to the printer. No more standing by the fax machine waiting to make sure the agreement goes through correctly.

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One Last Thing

And a final added benefit of all this automation and centralization. Centralizing all of your documentation and sharing them across your contacts and clients, means you also have a very handy means of centralizing your marketing.  ApproveMe keeps all of the clients email addresses and contact details in once place so you have them, at hand, when you need them. You can use them for sending out marketing material, catch up emails and newsletters.

An integrated online signature tool is more than just a way to get someone to put a digital version of their moniker on a contract. It gives you automation of your business processes, speeds up the time to complete a contract and saves you time and money. What’s not to like?

Check out some of the time saving ApproveMe features yourself here:

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