New WooCommerce Digital Signature Add-On

Do your customers have to sign a contract in order to purchase and protect your products? This plugin makes that happen automatically every time someone buys – without you doing a thing.

WPESignature has officially released their WooCommerce Digital Signature Add-On which is available at

With WP-E Signature (business license) and our new Digital Signature add-on for WooCommerce you’ll be able to automatically gather signatures when customers purchase your products.

That’s just the start. Once customers sign…

…you and the customer will automatically receive a PDF of their signed contract.

… no need to register on an outside website (all signatures happen without leaving your site)

… you’ll have a 100% legally compliant signature on file to protect you AND the customer (according to UETA/ESIGN guidelines).

This add-on Digital Signature transforms your WooCommerce store into a court-recognized document signing application (but without the monthly fees… and with unlimited users).

Perfect for those wanting to automate the collection of signatures on terms of service agreements, new client contracts, waiver forms and more!

Automatically require your Easy Digital product customers to sign a legally binding agreement before purchasing your product.

“I agree to terms” checkboxes have the legal standing of a limp handshake. Do the smart thing. Don’t get caught in a courtroom with a document that’s not legally binding.

Automatically Insert Order Details into a Signed Contract
Add the shortcode [esig-woo-order-details] to your document/contract and WPESignature will automatically attach your customers order details to the document.

How it Works:

Step 1:
product and Install ‘WooCommerce Digital Signature’ + WPESignature (business license)

Step 2:
Create a WordPress page that will store your new document

Step 3:
Create a new Stand Alone Document using WPESignature

Step 4:
Attach your new document to a WordPress page + WooCommerce product

Step 5:
When your users add a product that requires a digital signature to their cart they will be required to sign your agreement/document before proceeding to the final checkout screen.

All signed agreements can be saved as a PDF, attached to an email, automatically synced to a Dropbox account and more! You decide how this should work!

Other notable PDF features and workflows: A copy of the signed agreement can be purchasing as a PDF from your website

A Signed PDF can be synced with your Dropbox account

An attached court recognized PDF can be emailed to both the signer and yourself


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