WP E-Signature Changelog

Version 1.8.9 - May 21st, 2024

Bug Fixes

    • FIX : Type signature error on mobile devices
    • FIX: Bootstrap compatibility issues
    • FIX: Some minor bugs .
    Version 1.8.8 - February 13th, 2024

    Bug Fixes

      • FIX: Compatibility issue
      • FIX: Some minor bugs
      Version 1.8.7 - January 09th, 2024

      Bug Fixes

        • ADDED : PHP 8.2 compatibility
        • FIX: Some minor bugs .
        Version 1.8.6 - October 02nd, 2023

        Bug Fixes

          • FIX: Print button issue
          • FIX: File upload issue
          • FIX: Memory limit assigment issue
          • FIX: Access control document portal display issue
          • FIX: Some minor issues
          Version - September 12th, 2023

          Bug Fixes

            • FIX: Document styleing bug with version 1.8.5
            Version 1.8.5 - September 05th, 2023

            Bug Fixes

              • FIX: Default signature selection issue
              • FIX : CC User editing issue with template
              • FIX : Access control backward compatibility
              • FIX : Some minor issues
              Version 1.8.4 - August 07th, 2023

              Bug Fixes

                • FIXED : CC user removal error
                • FIXED : CC user creating problem with template
                • FIXED : Validation error
                • FIXED : Some minor bugs .
                Version - July 13th, 2023

                Bug Fixes

                  • FIX: Php 7.4 compatibility issue
                  Version - July 11th, 2023

                  Bug Fixes

                    • Prepared release from 1.8.3 that was halted for unwated issue .
                    Version - July 10th, 2023

                    Bug Fixes

                      • Urgent roll back release from 1.8.2
                      Version 1.8.3 - July 10th, 2023

                      Bug Fixes

                        • ADDED : Support for php 8.1
                        • FIX: Pdf naming issue
                        • FIX: Type signature font issue
                        • FIX: Some minor issues
                        Version 1.8.2 - May 24th, 2023

                        Bug Fixes

                          • ADDED : Updating method improved
                          • FIX: Siger input field field date display issue
                          • FIX: Text editor signer field display issue
                          • FIX: Some minor issues
                          Version - April 26th, 2023

                          Bug Fixes

                            • FIX: Radio Checkbox display issue
                            • FIX: Post image display issue
                            • FIX: Some minor issues
                            Version 1.8.1 - April 25th, 2023

                            Bug Fixes

                              • FIX: Date calendar issue
                              • FIX: IPv6 character limit error
                              • FIX: Horizontal checkbox display IOS
                              • FIX: Wrong file format - saving PDF on mobile from WP dashboard
                              • FIX: Some minor issues
                              Version 1.8.0 - March 20th, 2023

                              Bug Fixes

                                • FIX: Calendar field read only issue
                                • FIX: Terms and contidition display issue
                                • FIX : Arrow missing on date time field issue
                                • FIX: Timestamp not displaying issue
                                • FIX: Some minor issues
                                Version - March 01st, 2023

                                Bug Fixes

                                  • FIX: Attachment temporary directory location issue .
                                  Version 1.7.9 - February 27th, 2023

                                  Bug Fixes

                                    • FIX: PDF naming bug
                                    • FIX: Translation string
                                    • FIX: Some minor bugs
                                    Version 1.7.9 - February 27th, 2023

                                    Bug Fixes

                                      • FIX: PDF naming bug
                                      • FIX: Translation string
                                      • FIX: Some minor bugs
                                      Version 1.7.8 - February 01st, 2023

                                      Bug Fixes

                                        • ADDED : Wordpress user id support for e-signature access control dashboard support
                                        • FIX: Alignment issue of popup
                                        • FIX: Remove third party css source
                                        • FIX : Some minor bugs
                                        Version 1.7.7 - January 09th, 2023

                                        Bug Fixes

                                          • FIX: Invalid attribute issue
                                          • FIX: Some minor issues
                                          Version 1.7.6 - December 05th, 2022

                                          Bug Fixes

                                            • FIX : Update issue
                                            • FIX: Signer name edit issue
                                            • FIX: Type signature issue in mobile
                                            • FIX: Permission issue
                                            • FIX: E-mails button issue
                                            • FIX : Some minor bugs
                                            Version 1.7.5 - November 01st, 2022

                                            Bug Fixes

                                              • FIX: Ipad device signing issue
                                              • FIX: Translation improvement
                                              • FIX: E-mail client issue
                                              • FIX: Some minor issues
                                              Version - October 04th, 2022

                                              Bug Fixes

                                                • FIX : Audit trial serial id change issue
                                                Version - October 03rd, 2022

                                                Bug Fixes

                                                  • Revert previous release for audit trail serial id changing issue.
                                                  Version 1.7.4 - October 03rd, 2022

                                                  Bug Fixes

                                                    • ADDED : Mpdf library updated
                                                    • ADDED : Bootstrap library updated
                                                    • ADDED : Disable the back button on the document signing page.
                                                    • FIX: Some minor bugs.
                                                    Version 1.7.3 - August 23rd, 2022

                                                    Bug Fixes

                                                      • FIX : Validation issue
                                                      • FIX : Signer deleting option from Basic document creation screen
                                                      • FIX : Some minor issues .
                                                      Version - July 25th, 2022

                                                      Bug Fixes

                                                        • FIX: Signer input field signer assign issue
                                                        • FIX : str_contain fatal error for php 7 version
                                                        Version 1.7.2 - July 20th, 2022

                                                        Bug Fixes

                                                          • FIX: User permission issue
                                                          • FIX: Enhanced E-mail Security
                                                          • FIX: Automatic update error
                                                          • ADDED : Custom login page support
                                                          • FIX: Some minor issues
                                                          Version 1.7.1 - June 21st, 2022

                                                          Bug Fixes

                                                            • FIX: Third party theme conflict issue
                                                            • FIX: Default page error message
                                                            • FIX: QR code link
                                                            • FIX: Ipad signature alignment
                                                            • FIX: Some minor issues
                                                            Version 1.7.0 - May 25th, 2022

                                                            Bug Fixes

                                                              • ADDED : Support for Japanese character
                                                              • FIX: Update notification error
                                                              • FIX: Signer input field responsive issue
                                                              • FIX : RTL e-mail template support
                                                              • FIX: Some minor bugs.
                                                              Version 1.6.9 - April 19th, 2022

                                                              Bug Fixes

                                                                • FIX: Rtl plugin compatibility issue .
                                                                • FIX: Date selection issue for signer input fields
                                                                • FIX: Some minor bugs .

                                                                Version 1.6.8 - March 29nd, 2022

                                                                Bug Fixes

                                                                • ADDED : Wordpress user capability restriction
                                                                • FIX: Divi Theme conflict.
                                                                • FIX: WooCommerce compatibility issue
                                                                • FIX : Some minor issues .

                                                                Version 1.6.7 - March 2nd, 2022

                                                                Bug Fixes

                                                                • ADDED : Super admin reset dashboard added.
                                                                • FIX: Sometime displaying warning message when we click on activate button on e-signature
                                                                • FIX: Network activation issue
                                                                • FIX: TInymce editor issue
                                                                • FIX: Displaying encoded signature issue
                                                                • FIX: Android device download issue
                                                                • FIX: Licensing restriction
                                                                • FIX: Some minor bugs.

                                                                Version - February 14th, 2022

                                                                Bug Fixes

                                                                • FIX: Duplicate plugin file fatal error
                                                                • FIX: WPesignature-add-ons update notification missing in plugins page

                                                                Version 1.6.6 - January 26th, 2022

                                                                Bug Fixes

                                                                • ADDED : New WP E-Signature add-on pack support
                                                                • FIX: Send invite button stuck issue
                                                                • FIX: Signature pad character issue
                                                                • FIX: Signer input field dropdown display issue.

                                                                Version 1.6.5 - November 15th, 2021

                                                                Bug Fixes

                                                                • FIX: Type signature file upload download issue
                                                                • FIX : Document portal display issue
                                                                • FIX : Auto add signature documentation issue
                                                                • FIX : E-mail display issue
                                                                • FIX : Some minor bugs

                                                                Version 1.6.4 - October 20th, 2021

                                                                Bug Fixes

                                                                • FIX : Security issue
                                                                • FIX: CC users login issue
                                                                • FIX: Individual add-on removing option
                                                                • FIX: Screen reader issue
                                                                • FIX: Textbox field underline issue
                                                                • FIX: Document naming variable order
                                                                • FIX: Some minors bugs

                                                                Version - October 5th, 2021

                                                                Bug Fixes

                                                                • FIX: Basic document login bug

                                                                Version - October 4th, 2021

                                                                Bug Fixes

                                                                • FIX: A security issue
                                                                • FIX: Unable to view documents if Unlimited Sender Roles is disabled

                                                                Version 1.6.3 - September 29th, 2021

                                                                Bug Fixes

                                                                • ADDED : Paragraph field new line support
                                                                • FIX: Auto add my signature Terms of Use link
                                                                • FIX: CC Users document url security issue
                                                                • FIX: QR code scanning issue
                                                                • FIX : Some other minor bug.

                                                                Version - September 15th, 2021

                                                                Bug Fixes

                                                                • FIX: Mobile device signer fields uploads issue

                                                                Version 1.6.2 - September 7th, 2021

                                                                Bug Fixes

                                                                • ADDED: Support all international character set for signer name.
                                                                • FIX: Android tab signing issue.
                                                                • FIX: Upload fields alignment issue .
                                                                • FIX: Second layer verification issue .
                                                                • FIX: Some other minor issues.

                                                                Version 1.6.1 - August 16th, 2021

                                                                Bug Fixes

                                                                • FIX: Options deselected after update
                                                                • FIX: Blank signature issue for admin settings.
                                                                • FIX: Default page selection issue for stand alone document
                                                                • FIX : General audit trial issues
                                                                • FIX: Iphone display issues
                                                                • FIX: Timestamp error in audit trail
                                                                • FIX: Some other minor issues.

                                                                Version 1.6.0 - July 27th, 2021

                                                                Bug Fixes

                                                                • ADDED: Minimum draw signature level.
                                                                • ADDED: New add-on thumbnail logo.
                                                                • FIX: Auto save overwritten content issue
                                                                • FIX: Signer input text field size
                                                                • FIX: Remove signature file open issue
                                                                • FIX: Some minor bugs. ADDED: Minimum draw signature level.
                                                                • ADDED: New add-on thumbnail logo.
                                                                • FIX: Auto save overwritten content issue
                                                                • FIX: Signer input text field size
                                                                • FIX: Remove signature file open issue
                                                                • FIX: Some minor bugs.

                                                                Version 1.5.9 - July 6th, 2021

                                                                Bug Fixes

                                                                • FEATURE: Different types of signer input field type added.
                                                                • FIX: Security improvement.
                                                                • FIX: Horizontal signer input field display issue
                                                                • FIX: Woocommerce conflict with e-signature template media button
                                                                • FIX: Spam validation issue
                                                                • FIX: Non authorized user e-signature save settings issue.
                                                                • FIX: Some other minor issues.

                                                                Version 1.5.8 - June 14th, 2021

                                                                Bug Fixes

                                                                • FEATURE: Signature pad improved
                                                                • FEATURE: Mobile device signing experience improved
                                                                • FIX: Signature alignment issue
                                                                • FIX: PDF paper size issue
                                                                • FIX: Few other minor bugs.

                                                                Version - May 24th, 2021

                                                                Bug Fixes

                                                                • FIX: Tc.pdf php class conflict.

                                                                Version - May 18th, 2021

                                                                Bug Fixes

                                                                • FEATURE: Improve document pagination for backend
                                                                • FIX: Timezone conflict with Yith plugin momentaneously
                                                                • FIX: Extra white space with e-signature core installation only
                                                                • FIX: Unable to delete e-signature if we never activate e-signature
                                                                • FIX: QR code generation issue in pdf document
                                                                • FIX: Harden security on bulk pdf downloads
                                                                • FIX: Some other minor bugs.

                                                                Version - March 30th, 2021

                                                                Bug Fixes

                                                                • FIX: Security update to harden file permissions

                                                                Version - March 17th, 2021

                                                                Bug Fixes

                                                                • ADDED: New validation system added for second layer verification add-on
                                                                • ADDED: Secure cookie support
                                                                • ADDED: New pdf option tab added for save as pdf settings.
                                                                • ADDED: Save as pdf option page format support
                                                                • ADDED: Build in export pdf in different language support
                                                                • FIX: Add-on display issue
                                                                • FIX: Auto optimization plugin support
                                                                • FIX: User can\'t use Save as PDF after they have searched the signed document
                                                                • FIX: Signer input date field is pulling the date from php server rather than pulling wordpress setting
                                                                • FIX: Media button conflict with WooCommerce plugin
                                                                • FIX: Audit trial display issue in mobile
                                                                • FIX: Some other minor issues

                                                                Version - February 3rd, 2021

                                                                Bug Fixes

                                                                • ADDED: Use alpha numeric file naming and check for existing file to prevent file overwriting
                                                                • ADDED: WP Cerber plugin compatibility
                                                                • FIX: License activation issue with php 8

                                                                Version - January 11th, 2021

                                                                Bug Fixes

                                                                • FEATURE: Activate all add-ons by default when business pack installed.
                                                                • ADDED: New action hook for displaying alert.
                                                                • FIX: Upload field security issue
                                                                • FIX: Smtp error on email sending
                                                                • FIX: Pdf and signer input uploads field download issue.
                                                                • FIX: Licensing activating issue on multisite site wordpress network.
                                                                • FIX: Duplicate logo display issue in signing agreement page.
                                                                • FIX: Searching error.
                                                                • FIX: Calendar field display issue.
                                                                • FIX: Php 8 major compatibility issue.
                                                                • FIX: Pdf download issue with firefox
                                                                • FIX: Some minor bugs.

                                                                Version - November 9, 2020

                                                                Bug Fixes

                                                                • FIX: fixed access control conflict with page builder
                                                                • FIX: Wordpress older version basic smtp bug fixed
                                                                • FIX: Signer email address added to cc email body for zapier extract
                                                                • FIX: Mpdf version upgrade pdf generation library
                                                                • FIX: undefined template email type bug fixed
                                                                • FIX: Unable to add and remove Assign signer order\" under 3. Who Needs To Sign This Document? section when we click on Edit link
                                                                • FIX: Default e-signature missing from system status report
                                                                • FIX: Tcp pdf barcode generation error with php 7.4 upgraded Tc.pdf library
                                                                • FIX: PDF Naming bug
                                                                • FIX: Trying to get property \'id\' of non-object error fixed
                                                                • FIX: Created date missing for Stand alone and Template\" documents list in My Documents when we search any document for stand alone and Temaplte list
                                                                • FIX: Alignment issue on PDF file
                                                                • FIX: Access control text auto fill issue fixed
                                                                • FIX: Jquery checkbox checked deprecated issue fixed
                                                                • FIX: An unauthorized plugin showing our add-on page
                                                                • IMPROVEMENT: Text improvement memory limit help link
                                                                • FIX: Checkbox radio tik style fixed
                                                                • FIX: smtp text has been changed
                                                                • FIX: upload download error fixed
                                                                • FIX: Type signature inline display
                                                                • IMPROVEMENT: If no pdf name defined set doucment checksum as pdf name
                                                                • IMPROVEMENTS: Font improvements and support added

                                                                Version - September 3, 2020

                                                                Bug Fixes

                                                                • FIX: Blank document issue

                                                                Version - September 2, 2020

                                                                Bug Fixes

                                                                • FIX: SMTP test email throws fetal error
                                                                • FIX: Password protected stand alone document issue
                                                                • FIX: Disable MPDF debugging to avoid unwanted php warning

                                                                Version - September 1, 2020

                                                                Bug Fixes

                                                                • ADDED: Owner change role option has been added
                                                                • FIX: Fixed access control role
                                                                • FIX: Fixed template restoration bug
                                                                • FIX: Calendar date field INLINE with other text
                                                                • ADDED: Document gettitle method has been added
                                                                • FIX: Radio/checkbox inline issue with other text horizontal display issue
                                                                • REMOVED: the_content filter has been removed from e-signature document display
                                                                • FIX: the_content filter has been rtheme conflict issue fixed permanently with template include priority
                                                                • FIX: Fixed critical error on generating pdf with admin signature preview mode
                                                                • FIX: Default page removed automatically if we update \"Visibility\" public
                                                                • ADDED: Support for Google Recapthca
                                                                • ADDED: Document Description Section
                                                                • ADDED: Support for WordPress 5.5
                                                                • FIX: Fatal error message display after click on Send document
                                                                • FIX: php mail attachment issue fixed

                                                                Version - June 2, 2020

                                                                Bug Fixes

                                                                • UPDATED: Translation string
                                                                • ADDED: disable browser go back button for integrated add-ons
                                                                • ADDED: Displaying validation message after uploading the correct file on the contract IE browser
                                                                • FIX: Gravatar image conflicting with yoast seo to generate pdf file
                                                                • FIX: Issue with \"View document\" button is displaying in CC signer\'s mail
                                                                • FIX: Able to send the document after adding only space in document tittle name
                                                                • FIX: Document link is not showing properly on \"Signer requesting\" mail
                                                                • FIX: Validation message should display if we add \"Space\" in document tittle
                                                                • FIX: Unable to mark \"+CC (Carbon copy) Recipients\"
                                                                • FIX: bootstrap conflict with access control add-on
                                                                • FIX: Sg press plugin conflict

                                                                Version - February 19, 2020

                                                                Bug Fixes

                                                                • FIX: Tc.pdf Notice: A non well formed numeric error on pdf generation
                                                                • FIX: Undefined error of document activity notification email.
                                                                • FIX: Unable to click on \"Adopt & Sign\" Button on Android device with Firefox browser
                                                                • FEATURE: Non hyperlinked emails would work with all WP E-Signature emails
                                                                • Fix: Admin setting signature drawing change font css issue
                                                                • FEATURE: E-mail template feature added
                                                                • FIX: Conflict with wp users with e-signature admin in case of large user volume
                                                                • FIX: Signing issue with internet explorer
                                                                • FIX: Some string translation issue
                                                                • Fix: Minor bugs

                                                                Version - January 14, 2020

                                                                Bug Fixes

                                                                • Fix bootstrap css conflict with wordpress core version 5.3
                                                                • Signature display improved.
                                                                • Fixed typed signature wrapping issue
                                                                • Fixed wordfence plugin security alert on pdf generation.
                                                                • Improved ipad signing experience.
                                                                • Fixed site local file insert issue and breaking pdf generation
                                                                • Fixed E-signature default page conflict with Gutenberg editor.
                                                                • Fixed admin notification error on owner changing
                                                                • Fixed outlook email encoding bugs
                                                                • Some other minor bug fixes.

                                                                Version - November 20, 2019

                                                                Bug Fixes

                                                                • FIX: Issue with PDF read-only

                                                                Version - October 17, 2019

                                                                Bug Fixes

                                                                • FIX: Issue with database

                                                                Version - October 16, 2019

                                                                Bug Fixes

                                                                • Fix: Bug related to deleting documents
                                                                • FIX: CC signer is not receiving mails if we add cc with woo commerce
                                                                • FIX: Zapier extract issue fixed
                                                                • FIX: removed pdf editable feature
                                                                • FIX: E-signaure DS constant removed and replaced with ESIG_DS to avoid conflict
                                                                • FIX: Signer\'s signature is not display properly on downloaded PDF file
                                                                • FIX: Signer\'s signature is not display properly on downloaded PDF file
                                                                • FIX: Text is cutting off on signing page if we signed document on devices

                                                                Version - August 14, 2019

                                                                Bug Fixes

                                                                • FIX: Auto save option updated
                                                                • FIX: Blank signature after signing db joining problem with signer type
                                                                • FIX: WP die method overwritten issue resolved
                                                                • FIX: CC signer is not receiving mails if we add cc with basic document
                                                                • FIX: After click on \"Sign here\" it always way up to top of the document
                                                                • FIX: Unable to import file Fatal error message display
                                                                • FIX: SIF is not displaying properly on Preview document
                                                                • FIX: After click on \'Sign here\' it always way up to top of the document
                                                                • FIX: After validation message for \'Please Confirm\' full name and signature.
                                                                • FIX: Remove this file\" icon is not playing properly after upload file
                                                                • FIX: first and last name alert message edit
                                                                • FIX: Validation issue when password was created
                                                                • FIX: Preview url filter has been added
                                                                • FIX: Warning message display on document after view document under Draft

                                                                Version - May 8, 2019

                                                                Bug Fixes

                                                                • FIX: Mulitple signers issue on bulk delete
                                                                • FIX: Not able to add draw signature on android device with landscape mode

                                                                Version - April 11, 2019

                                                                Bug Fixes

                                                                • FIX: Unable to zip file on MAC when we download pdf with bulk action dropdown
                                                                • FIX: Import issue
                                                                • FIX: Fatal error related to translation
                                                                • FIX: Signature space too small on ipad and Nexus 7 and Nexus 10

                                                                Version - March 5, 2019

                                                                Bug Fixes

                                                                • FIX: Logo,Document Tittle,Document content is not properly aligned on signed doc
                                                                • FIX: Mobile first name and last issue solved also next step grayed out
                                                                • FIX: Validation message is missing when we add only first name in Type Signature
                                                                • FIX: Image encryption problem fixed
                                                                • FIX: Not able to click on \"Next step\" button
                                                                • FIX: 404 not found error display after adding SIF(on IOS device)
                                                                • FIX: Issue with bulk pdf download
                                                                • FIX: Single line display after click on Send a PDF of this agreement as an attachment
                                                                • FIX: Space missing on signing document with Gravity
                                                                • FIX: Logo tagline is not displaying under Header image
                                                                • FIX: php 7.2 mpfd compatiblity with version (7.2.15 & 7.1.26 & 7.0.33)
                                                                • FIX: Sif data missing on Pdf if we save pdf from Bulk Action dropdown

                                                                Version - December 17, 2018

                                                                Bug Fixes

                                                                • FIX: WordPress 5.0 Compatibility Fix
                                                                • FIX: Yoast Conflict
                                                                • IMPROVEMENT: It is industry standard for hosting companies to disallow the /wp-content/ folder from being crawled. It is also the website owners responsibility to review and maintain their website security.

                                                                Version - October 24, 2018

                                                                Bug Fixes

                                                                • FIX: Gravity PDF Compatibility
                                                                • FIX: Bug related to trashed documents being accessible

                                                                Version - October 18, 2018

                                                                Bug Fixes

                                                                • FIX: Db upgrade issue fixed in case of cache

                                                                Version - October 15, 2018

                                                                Bug Fixes

                                                                • FIX: cc email text change
                                                                • FIX: Validation message display with insert dropdowns if after selecting option from dropdown
                                                                • FIX: Error on default page access
                                                                • FIX: Validation message of entered password is incorrect display After click on login button
                                                                • FIX: white space disallowed for second layer verification
                                                                • IMPROVEMENT: Document searching option improved
                                                                • IMPROVEMENT: Speed performance improved added cache for e-signature default page
                                                                • FIX: Db upgrade and new install system added
                                                                • ADD: Add document title alignment option
                                                                • FIX: Print Document & Save as pdf is not displaying after signed document
                                                                • FIX: Not able to add date in Insert date calendar field on signing document
                                                                • FIX: Unable to sign any type of document if javaScript minify settings Enable under W3 cache
                                                                • FIX: Signed document display under Awaiting signature list
                                                                • FIX: If we sign the document by admin email id then admin signatures on all existing signed documents also changed
                                                                • FIX: Admin signature missing under Document options
                                                                • FIX: extract and assemble pdf permission added
                                                                • FIX: Validation message is missing when we add only first name in Type signature mode

                                                                Version - August 31, 2018

                                                                Bug Fixes

                                                                • FIX: Print error on PDFs.

                                                                Version - August 29, 2018

                                                                Bug Fixes

                                                                • FIX: Signature space is too small on iPad
                                                                • FIX: Send a PDF of this agreement as an email attachment Option is not working
                                                                • FIX: E-mail tab spelling and name and from email field removed
                                                                • FIX: Notice message display after searching document in My document tab
                                                                • FIX: Translation issues
                                                                • FIX: Date calendar field not type-able
                                                                • FIX: Add document responsiveness
                                                                • FIX: template signer input order feature
                                                                • FIX: Found a bug? Need support? box overlap on Settings page
                                                                • FIX: Validation is missing if we add only first name in Please Confirm full name and signature
                                                                • FIX: Audit trial for CC signer is missing on Attached pdf file with gravity form
                                                                • FIX: PHP 7 compatibility issue
                                                                • ADDED: Verified by ApproveMe logo missing on PDF
                                                                • FIX: CC mail is sending when editing template
                                                                • ADDED: Terms of Use Language settings option
                                                                • FIX: WooCommerce bug
                                                                • IMPROVEMENT: Reminders Searching limit increased
                                                                • ADDED: Read-only to PDFs
                                                                • FIX: RTL Responsiveness

                                                                Version - June 25, 2018

                                                                Bug Fixes

                                                                • FIX: Plus license holder getting an error on signing page if debug mode
                                                                • FIX: access control issue fixed
                                                                • ADDED: Spam filter added
                                                                • FIX: Checkbox is displaying horizontally when we select to display it vertically
                                                                • FIX: Approval signer\'s signature missing on cc attached pdf file if we create SAD document with approval signer and CC feature
                                                                • ADDED: IOS Safari the browser zooms issue
                                                                • ADDED: local image direct content getting option added
                                                                • FIX: Access control css bug fixed
                                                                • FIX: Error: Signer invite not sent Configure sending options\" message display under trash tab
                                                                • FIX: Better WordPress Minify conflict
                                                                • FIX: Unable to scroll down Terms of use (iPhone,Android)
                                                                • FIX: Keypad open when we enter data in Insert date calendar field(IOS & Android)
                                                                • Document name & Signer name showing in different language if we create a document using Chinese characters

                                                                Version - May 24, 2018

                                                                GDPR Compliance

                                                                • ADDED: Added the ability for signers to request the data associated with them via the WordPress Tool \'Export Personal Data\'
                                                                • ADDED: Added a delete authorization sequence via email if a user that has signed a document requests that their data be deleted. All signers/parties associated with documents must confirm (or deny) via email to delete the document associated with the requesting signer.

                                                                Version - April 19, 2018

                                                                BUG FIXES

                                                                • FIX: Signature box is not popping up after click on Signature box if Plugin WP Deferred javascript is enabled
                                                                • FIX: Calendar is not displaying on signing page if we add select date sif without min and max date
                                                                • ADDED: Ability to block past dates
                                                                • ADDED: bootstrap table spacing class added for pdf generation
                                                                • FIX: Bug related to Document sif data is not deleting
                                                                • FIX: Bug related to updated admins signature not reflecting as signing the document
                                                                • IMPROVEMENT: Translation string updated
                                                                • FIX: License valid status type change to active and valid
                                                                • FIX: Bug related to access control

                                                                Version - March 30, 2018

                                                                BUG FIXES

                                                                • Approval Signer & Email Attachment Bug Fix

                                                                Version - March 26, 2018

                                                                BUG FIXES

                                                                • ADDED: Shortcode rendering rebuilt for stand alone document.
                                                                • IMPROVEMENT: Use home_url instead of site_url()
                                                                • ADDED: css added for checkmark display
                                                                • IMPROVEMENTS: Security Improvements around the Super Admin and document ownership

                                                                Version - February 7, 2018

                                                                BUG FIXES

                                                                • BUG FIX: esigwpform shortcode was stripping automatically from e-signature

                                                                Version - January 31, 2018

                                                                BUG FIXES

                                                                • FIX: Fix bug with profession license package with expired alert message
                                                                • UPDATED: Updated bootstrap
                                                                • IMPROVEMENT: Cleaned up access control, document activity notifications
                                                                • ADDED: Shortcode logic
                                                                • FIX: Displaying wrong validation message for cc user user if username has numeric value
                                                                • FIX: CSS and padding issues when adding new signer
                                                                • IMPROVEMENT: Removed mcrypt alert
                                                                • ADDED: resend direct url call back added
                                                                • SECURITY: Added logic to prevent data tempering from shortcode
                                                                • FIX: mpdf local image loading issue fixed
                                                                • REMOVED: Well done sir removed from settings saving
                                                                • FIX: Access control with approval signer feature

                                                                Version - December 15, 2017

                                                                GENERAL IMPROVEMENTS

                                                                • FIX: Expired license alert for non business package

                                                                Version - December 14, 2017

                                                                GENERAL IMPROVEMENTS

                                                                • Php version 5.4 compatibility issue fixed

                                                                Version - December 13, 2017

                                                                GENERAL IMPROVEMENTS

                                                                • FIX: Sender can not create agreement when cc add-on is disabled
                                                                • FIX: Entered access code disappear when we click on Security verification icon from 3rd step
                                                                • FIX: Gear settings button overlap on Enable/Disable button
                                                                • FIX: Shouldn\'t display database backup option in a new installation for new customers
                                                                • FIX: Change Font button is only working after click on 2-3 times
                                                                • FIX: Not able to sign document with wp hummingbird plugin
                                                                • FIX: Double click required to deactivate e-signature business add-on
                                                                • ADDED: Update plugin updater class, and add notice for expired licenses to the plugins list
                                                                • ADDED: Remove the \'update\' icon from our expired row
                                                                • ADDED: Add.editorconfig file and fix whitespacing
                                                                • FIX: Critical update alert display after completing update issue fixed
                                                                • ADDED: Added security and protection for signers when a user is using an expired version of WP E-Signature
                                                                • FIX: Signer Input Fields is now always enabled
                                                                • FIX: Barcode generation issue
                                                                • ADDED: Added filter to hide gravatar image
                                                                • FIX: Esig today date shortcode is not display as plain text
                                                                • FIX: Moved from edit.php to post.php
                                                                • FIX: nonce conflict issue with woo fixed
                                                                • FIX: moved to admin.php from post.php because post.php does not trigger add media window

                                                                Version - October 9, 2017

                                                                GENERAL IMPROVEMENTS

                                                                • FIX: Issue related to license alert message
                                                                • FIX: Issue related to signer order disabling signer editing info
                                                                • FIX: Adopt & Sign button is not properly display when we add Admin signature
                                                                • FIX: Placeholder Text box disappear after adding any max width in Advanced Settings
                                                                • ADDED: Page Break in SIF list (both in Visual and Text editors)
                                                                • FIX: Signer Input Fields data missing on +cc mail with approval signer feature
                                                                • FIX: Click Print Document from website
                                                                • FIX: Issue French character is not working in email title fixed.
                                                                • FIX: Button DOCS on Welcome to WP E-Signature screen is not working
                                                                • FIX: SAD + Form integration+access portal option is selected
                                                                • ADDED: Gravity, Ninja, Caldera, Formidable, CF7, WPForms Pre-Check and notice
                                                                • FIX: Bug related to SAD+Form integration + access portal option is selected
                                                                • ADDED: pdf naming filter has been added
                                                                • FIX: Save as pdf php 7.1 warning issue resolved
                                                                • FIX: Required a Specific Wordpress member (or) user role to sign this document
                                                                • ADDED: Real time business pack update checking in add-on page
                                                                • FIX: Automatic update issue fixed for esig old add-on checking that cause not to work

                                                                Version 1.5.1 - August 10, 2017

                                                                • FIX: Woocommerce stand alone document conflict fixed.
                                                                • FIX: json saving bug fixed
                                                                • FIX: Redirect user to sign after checkout signing logic is not working with woocommerce
                                                                • FIX: Notice message displaying on signed document with shortcode ([esig-woo-order-details])
                                                                • FIX: Woocommerce digital signature plugin conflict with woocommerce subscription plugin
                                                                • FIX: Notice message display on Product/Global agreement

                                                                Version - August 7, 2017

                                                                GENERAL IMPROVEMENTS

                                                                • FIX: Background pdf image issue sovled. and multiple draft saving issue fixed
                                                                • FIX: Save as pdf problem over ssl and design issue fixed.
                                                                • FIX: Signer input fields text mode design issue fixed.
                                                                • FIX: After deleting default image unable to upload another image
                                                                • FIX: Removed invite sent error for form integration agreement
                                                                • FIX: Activation and deactivation error log has been added.
                                                                • FIX: Auto save error fixed.
                                                                • FIX: PDF, Licensing, Auto save issue fixed.
                                                                • FIX: Signer input fields code is not displaying on Template preview screen
                                                                • IMPROVEMENT: Added links for Third party Plugins
                                                                • FIX: Template successfully created. Message display twice for a second
                                                                • FIX: Enter label name in signer input fields placeholder text field is not displaying on document
                                                                • FIX: Display incorrect date in PDF file
                                                                • FIX: Pdf blank screen bug with css file fixed.
                                                                • FIX: Added Shortcode while creating document display as it is in \"Audit trial\"
                                                                • FIX: Auto update notification issue fixed.
                                                                • FIX: Fatal error display in 3rd step while create basic doc
                                                                • FIX: Incorrect \"Audit Trail\" generated
                                                                • IMPROVEMENT: Code cleaned and checklist memory limit message changed.
                                                                • IMPROVEMENT: Reformatted Date
                                                                • IMPROVEMENT: Sidebar edited
                                                                • ADDED: Backup feature added.
                                                                • ADDED: Export in xml format feature added.
                                                                • FIX: Removed extra back up folders
                                                                • IMPROVEMENT: Mcrypt encryption changed to Openssl
                                                                • IMPROVEMENT: Openssl extension checks in system report
                                                                • FIX: Fatal error fixed on system report
                                                                • FIX: Lengthy Signer Name issue
                                                                • FIX: Timeout issue fixed.
                                                                • FIX: Undefined cache constant fixed.
                                                                • FIX: BUG: Bulk Actions dropdown listbox is empty in My Documents, hence no Bulk Actions possible.
                                                                • ADDED: ipv6 support added.
                                                                • ADDED: Cherry framework4 compatibility added.
                                                                • FIX: Import jQuery loading changed
                                                                • FIX: Display same \"Audit trail serial\" no for all template
                                                                • ADDED: Update alert message added.
                                                                • FIX: Tooltip css issue fixed.
                                                                • FIX: Undefined logo issue fixed.
                                                                • FIX: Last name does not accept hyphen
                                                                • IMPROVEMENT: Passing url parameter in e-signature agreements.
                                                                • FIX: \"Document has been signed by all parties and is now closed\" message display in audit trail before sign document by all signer CC feature for stand alone document.
                                                                • FIX: Added Shortcode while creating document display as it is in \"Audit trial\"

                                                                Version - May 10, 2017

                                                                GENERAL IMPROVEMENTS

                                                                • FIX: Security Patch related to user and document permissions.

                                                                Version - March 22, 2017

                                                                GENERAL IMPROVEMENTS

                                                                • FIX: Issue related to the 20 varchar limit when ip address was larger than 20 digits document was returning a blank page
                                                                • FIX: Pdf generation blank page issue fixed in this release
                                                                • FIX: Access control is not working if we send document without selecting user
                                                                • FIX: Second layer access code was not working for case sensitive e-mail address
                                                                • FIX: W3 total cache plugin conflict with access code
                                                                • FIX: Right side css style conflict with wordpress core has been fixed

                                                                Version - March 7, 2017

                                                                • FIX: Fetal error on signing.

                                                                Version 1.5.0 - March 7, 2017

                                                                • ADDED: Chinese validation added
                                                                • ADDED: event ip added from owner ip
                                                                • ADDED: invite record added
                                                                • FIX: Display incorrect Organization name in the +cc email
                                                                • FIX: Auto save enable always
                                                                • FIX: Clickable area of \"Agree & sign\" button is not defined properly
                                                                • ADDED: Full Name requirement when signing Stand Alone Documents
                                                                • FIX: Admin signature is not displaying after viewing template from dashboard
                                                                • IMPROVEMENT: New translation en_Us.mo and en_us.po file generated using new localized string
                                                                • ADDED: Validation class added in backend
                                                                • ADDED: Audit trail log for uploaded files
                                                                • ADDED: Cookie get sanitize
                                                                • ADDED: Notice message display after click on Search tab
                                                                • FIX: First and last name for Your legal name field
                                                                • ADDED: Woo && Edd tag insert shortcodes in agreement page
                                                                • FIX: Document owner option under \"Document options\" disappears after saving the documents in drafts
                                                                • IMPROVEMENT: Upload Logo and Branding - Sender wise branding settings
                                                                • ADDED: get cookie method has been added
                                                                • EDIT: edit global post access
                                                                • ADDED: added filter in post method to get upload ifle extention
                                                                • FIX: Bug that let you Draw signature on Adopt & sign screen while on mobile
                                                                • FIX: Signature type options is not displaying correct
                                                                • FIX: Next step Link changes into button when we change screen orientation
                                                                • REMOVED: checksum and mordibale icon css removed
                                                                • FIX: Access Denied window display after click on any tab under Esignature
                                                                • ADDED: Translation string has been added
                                                                • ADDED: E-signature content filter has been added
                                                                • ADDED: GET and post filter added
                                                                • ADDED: Sad document upload ip address and signer ip address same after signing
                                                                • FIX: Able to add negative values and special characters in the Max file size field
                                                                • FIX: Redirects to blank Page after clicking on Preview Document button
                                                                • FIX: Audit trial serial # name display different on View signed Document mail
                                                                • FIX: x icon and Up-Down arrow is showing at wrong place
                                                                • FIX: video screen is cutting off
                                                                • FIX: Validation message doesn\'t disappear after entering correct data
                                                                • FIX: Able to add \"+CC\" user without signer name and Email address
                                                                • ADDED: View html parser has been added
                                                                • ADDED:Install All Add-Ons logic - Enable All/Active Plugin
                                                                • FIX: Text color is not same in audit trial on pdf document
                                                                • FIX: Write a script that removes non-approveme tags from plain text documents
                                                                • ADDED: Esig strip tag method has been added
                                                                • FIX: Template and stand alone document list date format bug has been fixed
                                                                • FIX: Pdf button display bug in firefox fixed
                                                                • FIX: Assign singer order Option is showing for single signer while creating basic document with template
                                                                • FIX: Url missing on Signed document
                                                                • FIX: Getting Error Signer Invite Emails not sent messages when using form integrations
                                                                • FIX: Bug related to document portal and Signed documents displaying under Optional Docs
                                                                • IMPROVEMENT: Super admin is now one place
                                                                • IMPROVEMENT: securing standalone doc
                                                                • FIX: While doing search with keyword % Displaying documents which are not related to keyword
                                                                • FIX: Product agreement display unsigned after click on Agree & Sign button
                                                                • FIX: Verified by approveme logo is cutting off and barcode error fixed
                                                                • FIX: Mpdf encoding bug has been fixed
                                                                • FIX: Issue related to Remove Featured image Link not working
                                                                • IMPROVEMENT: Sif text editor menu filter has been added
                                                                • FIX: Fix plugin name both under Visual and Text
                                                                • FIX: Support for WP Forms
                                                                • IMPROVEMENT: Temp signer method has been chnaged to meta
                                                                • FIX: Signer sif blank issue with approval signer
                                                                • IMPROVEMENT: Licensing logic
                                                                • IMPROVEMENT: Class changed for unlimited sender roles
                                                                • IMPROVEMENT: language folder removed from sif and whisker class removed from vendors
                                                                • IMPROVEMENT: Custom message logic has been changed
                                                                • FIX: Multiple auto draft issue has been fixed
                                                                • FIX: Save as pdf button meta added separated from settings
                                                                • FIX: access control email conflict issue fixed
                                                                • ADDED: Getversion function changed
                                                                • FIX: instance change for pdf

                                                                Version 1.4.6 - December 13, 2016

                                                                • FIX: Pdf attachment non object issue has been fixed
                                                                • ADDED: Add-ons update checker for old installation added
                                                                • FIX: Gravity signature add-on conflict has been fixed
                                                                • FIX: Issue related to custom messages not working properly
                                                                • FIX: Audit trail link throwing certificate error.
                                                                • FIX: Licensing Logic is broken for the Forever License
                                                                • FIX: Admin and signer confirmation custom message filter hook has ben added
                                                                • FIX: Direct denied and silence index page has been added.
                                                                • FIX: Replace LEGALLY SIGNED USING WPEsign™ with small Verified ApproveMe Seal
                                                                • FIX: SIF population after signature submission conflict with cache has been removed
                                                                • FIX: X icon overlaps the informatory text (Firefox)
                                                                • FIX: Agree & Sign button shows Gray after click on Adopt & Sign button
                                                                • FIX: Funny borders showing up on tool tips in dev testserver
                                                                • FIX: Jupiter Theme Google PageSpeed Defer Optimization conflict with Esignature
                                                                • FIX: Admin style issue has been fixed
                                                                • FIX: php short tag bug for few reported server fixed
                                                                • FIX: Content overlapping when we add lengthy content in \"Insert radio button SIF
                                                                • FIX: Content overlapping when we add lengthy content in Insert radio buttons SIF
                                                                • FIX: Print button issue and minor edits
                                                                • FIX: Contents are not displaying proper on signing document
                                                                • FIX: url encode issue has been fixed for self redirect
                                                                • FIX: Notice message display under \'All\' tab
                                                                • FIX: Validation message display blank after entering correct Confirm password access code
                                                                • FIX: Access control draft document showing bug has been fixed
                                                                • FIX: undefined object bug has been fixed for esig shortcode

                                                                Version - October 12, 2016

                                                                • FIX: Italic font was commented out in the PDF module, therefore affected documents signed with an italic font

                                                                Version - October 6, 2016

                                                                • FIX: Fixed return value context issue

                                                                Version - October 6, 2016

                                                                • FIX:Update logic/alerts

                                                                Version 1.4.5 - October 6, 2016

                                                                • FIX: CC users bug has been fixed
                                                                • FIX: Print button option bug and signer order issue fixed
                                                                • FIX: second layer double error message show fixed and signer order design issue fixed
                                                                • FIX: If we add lengthy document title with access control feature than default document description is cutting off
                                                                • FIX: Iphone issues
                                                                • FIX: Cc users view document Button css fixed and auto fill signer First name replaced with display name
                                                                • ADDED: Fallback to Stop deleting previous add-ons
                                                                • FIX: Duplicate column name bug on fresh activation fixed
                                                                • FIX: E-signature pdf but on type signature fixed
                                                                • FIX: Second layer verification getting admin first name bug fixed
                                                                • FIX: Professional license holder can see business pack bug has been fixed
                                                                • FIX: Getting active add-ons list in system status bug has been fixed
                                                                • FIX: Licensing price bug fixed and broken link to auto add signature bug fixed
                                                                • FIX: Preview mode audit trail serial display none
                                                                • ADDED: CC\'d message added in cc user view
                                                                • FIX: Approveme.me link replaced with approveme.com
                                                                • FIX: second layer verification add-on bug has been fixed
                                                                • FIX: Save as PDF settings/customization setting needs to be set/defined as the default
                                                                • FIX: Liencensing price bug when license is not inputted. and sender can not create document bug fixed
                                                                • FIX: E-signature business pack single installation bug on fresh installation fixed
                                                                • FIX: Print option default settings bug fixed
                                                                • FIX: Business add-ons not loading bug when hosting cache is disabled
                                                                • FIX: access control with basic document sign same page redirect issue has been fixed
                                                                • FIX: Admin received signing document mail even if Notify me when a signature is added option unchecked
                                                                • FIX: Tooltip message is cutting off for SIF Insert Upload option and Selected option for SIF insert textbox is not automatically removed if we add SIF again
                                                                • FIX: Uploaded file not showing on signed document (SIF Insert upload Option)
                                                                • FIX: Advance setting window of Sif Insert Paragraph Text is not automatically removed if we insert the SIF and validation message is not properly aligned
                                                                • FIX: This field is required Message is displayed with Insert Paragraph text SIF even if the field is not required
                                                                • FIX: No updation display when we add the file size in the \"Advanced setting for SIF insert upload options
                                                                • FIX: Iphone bugs fixed also added a method in meta class to get meta key
                                                                • FIX: Mpdf bug has been fixed
                                                                • ADDED: mpdf ttf font data
                                                                • FIX: When we click on \"Download\" Icon it display white blank screen
                                                                • FIX: Mpdf upgraded to latest version
                                                                • FIX: Warning message shows after refresh window (Add ons)
                                                                • FIX: Next Step button is not responding (Iphone )
                                                                • FIX: Paragraph Size Remain same when we re-insert sif ( Insert paragraph text)
                                                                • FIX: Underline submitted results Option is not working (SIF)
                                                                • FIX: Audit Trial serial# ID Is missing in Dropbox
                                                                • FIX: Showing same and wrong Audit Trail Serial # ID for all type of documents in Dropbox
                                                                • FIX: Selected Font style is not displaying on Signed Document
                                                                • FIX: Showing extra signature space on PDF file
                                                                • FIX: Save a draft, an email is sent to the CC\'ed person
                                                                • FIX: Edd conflict with Recurring payment add-on
                                                                • FIX: Undefined bug fixed in audit trail
                                                                • FIX: number once added in signing form to verify accuracy and protect misuse
                                                                • FIX: Public ajax call prevented
                                                                • FIX: Sql escape added
                                                                • IMPROVEMENT: Anti spam method honeypot added
                                                                • ADDED: Admin email notification warning removed as it needs to login to view
                                                                • ADDED: Validation system for signature json added
                                                                • IMPROVEMENT: Gravity form field text changed
                                                                • ADDED: Warning: You are attempting to delete {USERNAME} which is currently the super admin validation message added
                                                                • FIX: Same Custom message for Invite and signed document Emails
                                                                • FIX: access code message display issue has been fixed
                                                                • FIX: file extension lower case conversion added
                                                                • FIX: sif upload extension issue fixed
                                                                • FIX: business license holder premium add-ons shows issue fixed
                                                                • FIX: custom message removed from admin notification

                                                                Version 1.4.4 - July 15, 2016

                                                                • FIX: Removed the auto-email that was notifying user to update their add-ons

                                                                Version 1.4.4 - June 14, 2016

                                                                • FIX: Second Layer Verification Add-On
                                                                • FIX: Searching documents bug
                                                                • FIX: Add-on updates from my documents page bug has been fixed
                                                                • REMOVED: Die function for signature write has been removed
                                                                • FIX: Hide alert message in SMTP if sending settings are disabled and saved.
                                                                • ADDED: Gear settings button is missingtings are disabled and saved.
                                                                • FIX: Bug related to templates add-on
                                                                • ADDED: Better alert message for when a document sender is already using an email someone else is trying to add...
                                                                • ADDED: Check able header image checkbox
                                                                • FIX: Bug related to Filter of senders when logged in as super admin is not working...
                                                                • FIX: Add-ons in the ALL, ENABLED, and DISABLED are not same order
                                                                • FIX: E-signature core and stand alone document shortcode page messed up issue has been fixed
                                                                • FIX: Back to main site link re-checked in ajax footer
                                                                • FIX: Search from Stand alone Tab is not working
                                                                • FIX: Document viewed mail is still coming if \"Before the document is signed continue emailing even if it\'s unchecked
                                                                • ADDED: Documentation link added in add-ons tab
                                                                • FIX: Unable to edit the signer name if we open document from draft
                                                                • FIX: Company name display blank issue for sender fixed now
                                                                • FIX: Auto add my signature pdf bugs

                                                                Version 1.4.3 - May 26, 2016

                                                                • FIX: Add-on update notification removed after updating
                                                                • FIX: When creating basic document from templates signer name changing

                                                                Version 1.4.2 - May 25, 2016

                                                                • FIX: When we create a document with special character \"aprostrope\" it shows
                                                                • FIX: Sif table is being deleted issue and mpdf dns problem has been fixed
                                                                • FIX: White Label options went missing in 1.4.0

                                                                Version 1.4.1 - May 19, 2016

                                                                • FIX: Issue related to updating plugins and add-ons

                                                                Version 1.4.0 - May 18, 2016

                                                                • ADDED: logic for advanced add-on plugins to live in new \"e-signature-business-add-ons\" folder and basic add-ons to live in the new \"e-signature/add-ons\" folder located in the core e-signature plugin
                                                                • FIX: Licensing site inactive bug has been fixed
                                                                • ADDED: Resend invite shift in new method.
                                                                • IMPROVEMENT: login form & popup style has been updated
                                                                • ADDED: Addon tab site url link has been added
                                                                • FIX: Exit image issue has been fixed
                                                                • IMPROVEMENT: notify signer and notify owner signed emails rearranged
                                                                • FIX: Undefined index bug fixed in audit trail with debug mode
                                                                • FIX: E-signature version no bug in system status fixed
                                                                • ADDED: E-signature unset cookie method added
                                                                • ADDED: Access Code two layer authentication feature
                                                                • FIX: enqueue scripts display method changed
                                                                • ADDED: added get temp function
                                                                • FIX: Signature display image patch added when curl and file_get_contents from url
                                                                • FIX: esig get ip function added
                                                                • FIX: WP E-Signature- Document Activity Notifications Add-on option is missing from document options
                                                                • FIX: Incorrect IP address issue
                                                                • FIX: Can\'t disable or enable add-on when license is not entered
                                                                • IMPROVEMENT: E-signature bundled add-on system introduced
                                                                • ADDED: Created method that gets license update URL
                                                                • FIX: add-ons delete option from add-ons tab bug fixed
                                                                • FIX: Timezone settings , default page settings bug has been fixed
                                                                • FIX: pdf compatibility issue fixed
                                                                • FIX: fixed error in getting user id from invite_hash
                                                                • FIX: document activity notification bug has been fixed
                                                                • FIX: Unable to select \"Document Option\"
                                                                • ADDED: rtl css class added
                                                                • FIX: language file redeclare bug has been fixed
                                                                • FIX: Grey lines around SIF fields on signed documents
                                                                • FIX: Fatal error occurred when we click on \"Review & Sign\"
                                                                • FIX: Validation message is not automatically removed after removing duplicate email address
                                                                • FIX: User info bug has been fixed
                                                                • FIX: Page jumping to the top issue
                                                                • ADDED: cc users feature has been merged with core
                                                                • ADDED: Signer input fields db create scripts combined with e-signature core
                                                                • FIX: Get More Upgrade Logic Bug
                                                                • FIX: Font type changes if we open the document from draft.
                                                                • FIX: Admin preview is available for logged in user
                                                                • FIX: Incorrect Audit trail for User showing \'Resent\' status instead of \'Sent\' if we resnet document
                                                                • ADDED: resent record even has been added to audit trail
                                                                • FIX: signature genarate error on ntfs drive. (windows ) fixed
                                                                • FIX: An administrative privilege account can view e-signature setting without roles assigned
                                                                • FIXED CONFLICT: Not able to add signature because of Autoptimize plugin Plugin
                                                                • FIX: Total cache conflict issue has been solved
                                                                • FIX: Conflict with itheme security Pro
                                                                • FIX: Audit signature id is cutting off on signed Page (Iphone 4g)
                                                                • FIX: \'Page refreshes\' and all Added details like \'SIF\' and \'Document Title gets removed if we edit signer and click save settings button while creating a document
                                                                • FIX: urlencode is not working to update add-ons
                                                                • IMPROVEMENT: Bootstrap loaded internally
                                                                • FIX: Tool tip display error bug has been fixed
                                                                • FIX: Terms of use display issue has been fixed
                                                                • ADDED: Link Legally Binding WP E-Signature logo
                                                                • IMPROVEMENT: Audit trail site url should be stored
                                                                • ADDED: Access code recode event has been added
                                                                • FIX: Incorrect Audit trail for User showing \'Resent\' status instead of \'Sent\' if we resent a document
                                                                • IMPROVEMENT: white label option link location
                                                                • ADDED: Document Owner Email Id on Agree & Sign Below
                                                                • FIX: Showing \'This Field is required\' validation If \'Dropdown SIF\' contains options with... if dropdown is required
                                                                • ADDED: get_current_users_role() function has been added
                                                                • ADDED: Security Level & Events for Audit Trail
                                                                • ADDED: Signature temporarily storage point created
                                                                • FIX: Translation issue has been fixed in audit trail
                                                                • ADDED: Asset directory url issue has been fixed
                                                                • IMPROVEMENT: New system status download system added
                                                                • ADDED: Report bug from plugin page has been removed and link to approveme support page
                                                                • FIX: Admin signature display bug in settings fixed
                                                                • IMPROVEMENT: separate file for set constant deleted.
                                                                • PLUGIN CONFLICT: ushoaib committed on Mar 30 7d718f9 @abushoaib Plugin conflict with snazzy maps
                                                                • ADDED: Add Login form on Required docs page if user is not logged in
                                                                • FIX: Admin preview is available for logged in user as well
                                                                • FIX: Invite signer pop css edits /cc user bugs fixed / slv bug fixed
                                                                • FIX: When we click on \"Trash\" Button it redirects to \"Awaiting Signature\" Tab
                                                                • FIX: When in draft mode and we edit the document the preview shows nothing but signature
                                                                • FIX: SIF \"Insert Date Calendar\" is not displaying on signing document with underline submitted results
                                                                • FIX: Unable to upload file when we use sif \"Insert Upload File\" (Edd)
                                                                • ADDED: Sif and mail type filter has been added.
                                                                • FIX: Showing incorrect count for dashboard (In case of sender)
                                                                • FIX: Pagination count still showing even there is no document (In case of sender)
                                                                • FIX: It displays all admin\'s document when we enter document name in search field even if there is no document created
                                                                • FIX: On signed document border is not properly display
                                                                • FIX: \"Timezone settings\" Change in to \"Abidjan\" automatically when we send a document with the sender
                                                                • FIX: Showing \"Audit signature id\" in the place of \"Audit trial serial number\"
                                                                • FIX: There is no space between \"Signed By\" and \"Signed On\"
                                                                • FIX: Document name incorrect in signature requesting email(Chinese language)
                                                                • FIX: No \'Security verification\' icon is Present for \'Signers\' to Add/Edit from basic document page
                                                                • FIX: No site database table creating when e-signature activation from network dashboard
                                                                • FIX: Auto formatting of Phone and Date input Fields
                                                                • FIX: Settings - Admin signature is not remembering/echoing out the pretty font
                                                                • FIX: add document and setting page load issue has been fixed
                                                                • ADDED: E-mail notification added after e-signature updates to notify document sender or critical add-on updates
                                                                • FIX: Language pack has been updated

                                                                Version 1.3.6 - February 11, 2016

                                                                • FIX: Urgent fix to the php.in edit that was preventing fil_get_contents from executing on some servers

                                                                Version 1.3.5 - February 11, 2016

                                                                • FIX: Urgent release to fix bug related to emails not being able to send
                                                                • FIX: Bug related to php.in file in unique server environments
                                                                • FIX: Error related to fil_get_contents to display signature
                                                                • FIX: bootstrap conflict fixed

                                                                Version 1.3.4 - February 4, 2016

                                                                • FIX: sender filter has been added
                                                                • IMPROVEMENT: after expiration new license enabling feature
                                                                • IMPROVEMENT: smtp mailer default functionality added
                                                                • IMPROVEMENT: default avatar and alternate function for exif image type
                                                                • FIX: Image type spelling mistake fixed
                                                                • ADDED: Transparent BG svg for the approveme verified seal
                                                                • FIX: audit trail translation string
                                                                • ADDED: script enqueuing for access control shortcode
                                                                • FIX: bootstrap conflict fixed
                                                                • FIX: Right sight alignment issue has been fixed
                                                                • FIX: Updated give us your feedback link

                                                                Version 1.3.3 - February 1, 2016

                                                                • FIX: Missing argument bug

                                                                Version 1.3.2 - February 1, 2016

                                                                • FIX: Missing argument bug

                                                                Version 1.3.1 - February 1, 2016

                                                                • ADDED: Document Portal/Access Control feature that allows document creators to assign Stand Alone Documents to various WordPress user roles, and insert a shortcode so that logged in user can see their required documents (and access their signed documents).
                                                                • ADDED: A deactivation message when deactivating an add-on
                                                                • ADDED: Audit Trail 2.0 with Party ID, Digital Fingerprint checksum and barcode, QR Code (that links back to the document source), gravatar for profile, and updated styling/layout.
                                                                • ADDED: QR Code library
                                                                • FIX: Premium Support Link issue has been fixed
                                                                • IMPROVEMENT: Simplified E-Signature menu
                                                                • ADDED: whisker file has been added
                                                                • ADDED: font icons added for access role feature
                                                                • FIX: Bug related to SIF Signed Date Field Width being too large
                                                                • FIX: Unable to remove the signer\'s while creating basic document
                                                                • FIX: Bluehost email spam filter problem
                                                                • IMPROVEMENT: Hide SMTP Debugging Error Log in a hyperlink
                                                                • IMPROVEMENT: Translation strings added
                                                                • FIX: URL for the main url to home url in the document footer
                                                                • FIX: Update and licensing logic/modals
                                                                • ADDED: Support for e-signature RTL Add-on
                                                                • FIX: Bug related to tool tip png files not displaying properly with retina displays

                                                                Version 1.3.0 - October 20, 2015

                                                                • FIX: \"Document option\" text at bottom of Document details screen is incorrect
                                                                • IMPROVEMENT: Multi-site support added
                                                                • FIX: Total document count is not correct when logged in as sender
                                                                • FIX: WP Signature Stand Alone \'sign here\' box only spans half of screen on ipad
                                                                • ADDED: Image icon for auto-register add-on
                                                                • FIX: Search field is not working if we search document according to Signer name
                                                                • ADDED: pagination number added in search
                                                                • FIX: static issue on search script fixed
                                                                • FIX: Unable to edit the auto saved template from drafts
                                                                • FIX: \"Draw Signature\" mode automatically changed to \"Type in Signature\" if we move text pointer into right or left side
                                                                • FIX: \'Document is signed by 1st signer\' is missing in \'Audit trail\' if Document is created for two signers with admin signature
                                                                • FIX: Bug related to Signing Order - allowing the 2nd signer to sign first when you initiate Resend Invite
                                                                • FIX: SA role defined to administrative privilege only

                                                                Version 1.2.10 - September 17, 2015

                                                                • IMPROVEMENT: post option has been changed
                                                                • IMPROVEMENT: Global settings should appear to all the users
                                                                • FIX: When using the \"Signer Order\" function, the email that gets sent to the 2nd signer after the 1st person signs
                                                                • FIX: Signer name is not visible on \"+ Add Signature\" window
                                                                • IMPROVEMENT: WP E-Signature plugin hide method.
                                                                • FIX: Signing Order - allows the 2nd signer to sign first when you initiate \"Resend Invite\". The proper functionality would be to NOT send the invite to the 2nd signer until the 1st has signed.
                                                                • FIX: Bug related to colon in the \"Document name\"
                                                                • ADDED: meta delete option has been added when user delete a document permanently
                                                                • ADDED: time zone meta adding and getting method has been changed
                                                                • ADDED: timezone meta add method has been changed
                                                                • FIX: meta function fatal error
                                                                • FIX: terms of use bug has been fixed
                                                                • ADDED: Validation messages
                                                                • FIX: Inserting \"/\" in name where \' is used in emails
                                                                • FIX: multi language issue has been fixed
                                                                • FIX: Assign order functionality is not working if we Include 2nd Signer while creating Doc and assigned Order to it
                                                                • IMPROVEMENT: Deleted unnecessary and redundant files
                                                                • FIX: Chinese \'Signer name\' is incorrect on Cover page of Saved PDF
                                                                • ADDED: Added email assets for auto-register email template
                                                                • FIX: \"You dont have your SMTP settings setup\" validation message appears while signing document
                                                                • FIX: Inserting \"/\" in name where \" is used in emails
                                                                • FIX: Incorrect \"Audit Trail\" is generated if \"SAD document\" is signed by using URL
                                                                • FIX: Issue when customer remove the Super admin User
                                                                • FIX: MCRYPT_DEV_URANDOM blank issue has been fixed
                                                                • FIX: Email Button CSS is not matching
                                                                • FIX: SA email changing problem and SA is getting blank
                                                                • FIX: Issue when customer remove the Super admin User
                                                                • FIX: When we preview the template then Admin Signature display at left side.
                                                                • IMPROVEMENT: Save as Draft\" stay on page
                                                                • ADDED: Encrypting the Terms of Use Hyperlink if/when internet is nor available
                                                                • ADDED: check terms & condition internet connection available or not
                                                                • IMPROVEMENT: by default ensuring signed documents/pages are not crawled/accessible by search engines
                                                                • FIX: SIF Textfields css not matching on PDFs
                                                                • FIX: Responsive emails need max-width + margin: 0 auto to center contents
                                                                • IMRPOVEMENT: Rewrote the entire tablet and smartphone signing experience so it is its own template separate from the desktop experience
                                                                • FIX: Missing validation for Document\'s Content and able to send doc without content in description box
                                                                • FIX: After the document signed it continue emailing when its viewed.
                                                                • FIX: Need to click on Save Settings\" button twice after to save \"Super adim\" in settings
                                                                • IMPROVEMENTS: responsive email setup
                                                                • FIX: when e-signature is deactivated. woocommerce about us page is not accessed


                                                                Version 1.2.9 - August 10, 2015

                                                                • FIX: Admin signature missing issue has been fixed on documents created before 1.2.1
                                                                • ADDED: Added new add-on thumbnails for add-ons tab
                                                                • ADDED: Document meta system has been added
                                                                • ADDED: Api class has been added
                                                                • ADDED: WP E-Signature meta update system has been added
                                                                • IMPROVEMENTS: Incremental improvements to user on-boarding
                                                                • IMPROVEMENTS: E-signature speeds increased
                                                                • FIX: warning: mail() expects parameter 4 to be string
                                                                • FIX: Design issue on Form Mobile
                                                                • FIX: The \"From\" email in the document body as well as the \"Got Questions\" email is from the authorized document sender


                                                                Version 1.2.8 - July 20, 2015

                                                                • FIX: An issue with the upgrading process.


                                                                Version 1.2.7 - July 20, 2015

                                                                • FIX: UTC time on \"Preview Document\" screens
                                                                • FIX: Custom message was disappearing after saving the Docs in drafts
                                                                • FIX: Design issue in \'Warning\' message in Footer in Email \'Received for Signature\'
                                                                • ADDED: Validation message was missing when a signer only adds space for the signer signature
                                                                • ADDED: Update function little changed regarding 403 access forbidden error
                                                                • FIX: Printing notice in sign preview template
                                                                • FIX: Signer name field displays incorrect When we add more signers on \"What are you trying to do?\" screen
                                                                • FIX: Bug related to searching for documents
                                                                • FIX: Design issues on mobile devices when a long organization name is entered
                                                                • FIX: Issue related to failed auto updates


                                                                Version 1.2.6

                                                                • ADDED: New signature method has been added
                                                                • FIX: Core update msg error bug has been fixed
                                                                • FIX: Bug related to auto saving blank document
                                                                • FIX: Bug related to having to click twice on cross button to close the pop up for expired
                                                                • IMPROVEMENT: Signature can not be empty now when settings is saved
                                                                • FIX: Bug related to previously being able to accept \"Space\" as a signature and after sign the document


                                                                Version 1.2.5

                                                                • FIX: jquery conflict mode issue has been solved
                                                                • ADDED: new settings save array option has been added
                                                                • FIX: Agree & Sign button flashes for a few seconds before loading Print Document and Save as PDF button in the footer of a document
                                                                • FIX: Admin signature not parallel to Signer\'s signature space
                                                                • FIX: EDD purchase is not completing with smtp settings.
                                                                • ADDED: Time Zones in Audit Trail of documents (now manageable from the E-Signature Settings page)
                                                                • ADDED: New filter esig-sign-document-bottom-content
                                                                • ADDED: Feature that echoes the borders of SIF text fields after they\'re signed to better retain the document formatting after it has been signed
                                                                • ADDED: Save as PDF validation message/modal
                                                                • FIX: Issue related to a non-ssl link
                                                                • FIX: Issue related to Signer name field box being larger on Nexus and Ipad
                                                                • FIX: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class Plugin_Upgrader
                                                                • ADDED: Pagination for WP E-Signature My Documents
                                                                • FIX: Issue related to users having difficulty updating plugins/add-ons when on an SSL server
                                                                • ADDED: Verification message if we Resend Invite from Dashboard
                                                                • ADDED: SMTP validation Test Failed modal
                                                                • FIX: Misc. Mobile/Responsive issues
                                                                • ADDED: SMTP Fallback Alert Modal (for when SMTP settings are not working)
                                                                • FIX: Bug related to SAD Auto-Saved Docs saving as a Basic Draft
                                                                • FIX: Mail sent issue with new install has been fixed
                                                                • FIX: Signed document email default e-siganture logo is missing
                                                                • IMPROVEMENT: admin type signature alignment issue has been fixed
                                                                • IMPROVEMENT: Related to users with Microsoft Outlook
                                                                • ADDED: Install a handler (or fallback) if/when an auto-update fails

                                                                Version 1.2.4

                                                                • FIX: Incorrect notification details in the super admin\'s email
                                                                • ADDED: Add \"Add-On\" hook to core if/when add-ons are installed
                                                                • ADDED: Tooltips in My Document section when hovering over signer names and other actions
                                                                • FIX: Issue when creating signer name with special characters
                                                                • IMPROVEMENT: previous access to settings page without role plugin.
                                                                • FIX: installed Add-on message flashes for few seconds
                                                                • FIX: Incorrect Organisation Name on Documents
                                                                • ADDED: Now \"Plugins\" link on left menu is hidden for Non-Super Admin Users
                                                                • IMPROVEMENTS: Changes in file system update install is now more smoother
                                                                • ADDED: New E-signature smtp email settings tab (to avoid spam and send email from your own email account)
                                                                • FIX: plugin conflict with javascript library has been fixed
                                                                • FIX: Problem with Super-Admin becoming a signer
                                                                • ADDED: Added the ability to Edit a template (permission added)
                                                                • FIX: Non Super Admins cannot check Document Lists
                                                                • FIX: Super admin issue has been fixed
                                                                • ADDED: Display User Name in place of \'First and Last Name\' when selecting the Super Admin
                                                                • FIX: Non-Super Admin Sender Issue Deleting Signed Document
                                                                • ADDED: E-Signature now supports Chinese language fonts
                                                                • ADDED: Auto-update and Core update available notifications
                                                                • FIX: Design issue with buttons on Mobile devices
                                                                • IMPROVEMENT: update db version
                                                                • ADDED: plugin compatibility checks
                                                                • FIX: bootstrap conflict has been fixed
                                                                • FIX: Design issue with \'Print Document\' and Saved Document design issue
                                                                • IMPROVEMENTS: Preview Document (SAD) Improvements
                                                                • IMPROVEMENTS: Removed the option \'keep add-ons up to date\' when core is the only plugin installed
                                                                • FIX: Logo alignment issue with Success/Signed Document template
                                                                • FIX: Radio buttons and Check boxes are not showing selected on PDF files
                                                                • IMPROVEMENTS: Mobile, Tablet, Smartphone signing experience (now responsive)
                                                                • ADDED: Validation for required SIFs
                                                                • FIX: Logo alignment issue with Success/Signed Document template
                                                                • FIX: Design issue of Admin Signature on mobile devices
                                                                • FIX: width on footer in Emails
                                                                • ADDED: js for core remind settings
                                                                • IMPROVEMENTS: E-signature terms and condition method has been changed
                                                                • IMPROVEMENT: Now the dates for date picker and signed on dates adopt the defined WP Date Settings

                                                                Version 1.2.3

                                                                • FIX: Fixed bug related to Super admin not being able to save their settings a second time unless they change their email address
                                                                • Fixed issue related to force SSL

                                                                Version 1.2.2

                                                                • FIX: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach()
                                                                • FIX: sif input special char problem has been fixed
                                                                • ADDED: sif input validation done
                                                                • IMPROVEMENT: Fixed issue related to WordPress Plugins being vulnerable to Cross-site Scripting XSS
                                                                • FIX: invite url bug has been fixed
                                                                • FIX: undefined but related to php version 5.5.24 fixed
                                                                • FIX: undefined index bug has been fixed
                                                                • FIX: abs path bug has been fixed
                                                                • FIX: unnecessary
                                                                • FIX: Bug related to second super-admin users not able to save settings
                                                                • FIX: undefined property bug has been fixed
                                                                • FIX: Missing Signer details while editing the Basic+ Doc
                                                                • IMPROVEMENT: Added responsive email design
                                                                • IMPROVEMENT: Adjusted css of SIF input boxes
                                                                • FIX: Type Signature Name is getting cut off on settings - Tpe Signature
                                                                • FIX: Overlapping of Text on Premium Add-on Extensions screen
                                                                • FIX: Issue while sending Reminders
                                                                • FIX: Broken Image on Signature request Email
                                                                • FIX: Overlapping of text on logo in the saved PDF document.
                                                                • FIX: ssl and wrong sender email bug has been fixed
                                                                • FIX: Incorrect email being pulled in Agree & Submit Tooltip when using unlimited sender roles add-on

                                                                Version 1.2.1

                                                                • FIX: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach()
                                                                • FIX: Input special char problem has been fixed

                                                                Version 1.2.0

                                                                • ADDED: Progress bar for when auto-updates are initiating
                                                                • ADDED: A feature to hide add-on plugins from the WordPress plugins.php page if / when e-signature is installed (so we can better cleanup the plugins.php page and manage all add-ons using our internal add-on manager)
                                                                • ADDED: Delete button for add-ons using our add-on manager
                                                                • ADDED: esig document footer content filter has been added
                                                                • ADDED: A notification sequence when add-on updates are available
                                                                • ADDED: New auto-update feature for all E-Signature add-ons
                                                                • ADDED: Added new css for signer input fields calendar
                                                                • Improvements: Not showing validations for Special Characters
                                                                • Fix: Wrong label for Signing Button while signing any Document
                                                                • FIX: validation bug fixed
                                                                • FIX: sad document pop up problem has been fixed
                                                                • FIX: Term of Use on Agreement Page is not working
                                                                • ADDED: esig front end sanitization has been completed
                                                                • IMPROVEMENTS: input validation has been added
                                                                • IMPROVEMENTS: Validation and notice class has been added
                                                                • SECURITY: Website Security Vulnerability Fixed
                                                                • FIX: Edit Signer doesnt work after using Assign signer order option
                                                                • FIX: proceed withouting signing the Doc in mobile
                                                                • IMPROVEMENTS: Design issue while signing document from mobile devices
                                                                • FIX: Stand Alone Doc converts into Basic Doc after saving in Drafts
                                                                • IMPROVEMENTS: Alignment issue on Add my signature Agreement screen
                                                                • FIX: Wrong signer Name on Signed Documents
                                                                • REMOVED: Redundant code has been removed
                                                                • FIX: Design issue while clearing Signer & Email IDs
                                                                • FIX: Ajax errors after installation of updates for Plugins

                                                                Version 1.1.11

                                                                • FIX: Quick fix for bug that was preventing secondary document senders from accessing the draw signature popup modal when saving settings

                                                                Version 1.1.10

                                                                • ADDED: New document type db version upgrade method added
                                                                • FIX: Fixed issue related to a design issue when accessing Add a Signer Input Field
                                                                • Fix: Fixed bug related to blank document if Full Name and Signature is missing
                                                                • FIX: Fixed bug that was showing identical Signer Names
                                                                • FIX: Popup style changed
                                                                • FIX: Fixed bug related to Js scripts conflicting
                                                                • FIX: Print preview alignment bug has been fixed
                                                                • FIX: Bug related to audit trail signature ID
                                                                • IMPROVEMENTS: E-Signature will continue to work even if/when a user changes the folder name
                                                                • FIX: Bug related to WooCommerce not being able to run system reports
                                                                • FIX: Time issue has been fixed
                                                                • FIX: Singed document print button showing now
                                                                • SECURITY: Added fallbacks to prevent direct access data leaks
                                                                • FIX: Multiple signer preview bug has been fixed
                                                                • IMPROVEMENTS: Redundant code removed
                                                                • FIX: Issue related to signature getting cut off
                                                                • ADDED: Hooks for Agree and Submit on Auto Add My Signature add-on
                                                                • FIX: Addon updater bug
                                                                • FIX: TypeError: undefined is not an object

                                                                Version 1.1.9

                                                                • Added the ability to share document templates with other document sender/roles
                                                                • Added an alert when the default page is deleted
                                                                • Updated the include url format
                                                                • Signature submitting without validation bug fixed
                                                                • License Key Improvement
                                                                • Scripts loader bug has been fixed
                                                                • Language translation insert signature has been added
                                                                • Added an error message pop up if document title is blank
                                                                • Type signature font bug has been fixed and double signed email bug fixed
                                                                • Adjusted padding of content on the document page
                                                                • Updated the tooltip css on the document page

                                                                Version 1.1.8

                                                                • Document view bug with preview button has been fixed
                                                                • Signature adjustment and system status bug fixed
                                                                • Improve Search Functionality for Signer Input Fields
                                                                • Fixed issues with the E-Signature bug submission tool
                                                                • Added hooks for Easy Digital Downloads extension
                                                                • Legal name translation issue has been fixed
                                                                • Updated I agree to WP E-Signature terms to say I agree to eSignature terms

                                                                Version 1.1.7

                                                                • Fixed bug related to popup not working since 1.1.6
                                                                • Settings now saving with same email address
                                                                • More translatable text added
                                                                • Fixed bug related to admin not being able to change signature type on the settings page

                                                                Version 1.1.6

                                                                • New internal updater process for add-on (to increase speed and load times)
                                                                • Added Preview document and Draft
                                                                • Added type signature to desktop and smartphone
                                                                • Redesigned smartphone & tablet signing experience
                                                                • Edited CSS of setting page
                                                                • Added link to Open support ticket in sidebar
                                                                • Fixed bug related to the resend invite email
                                                                • Redesigned add signature box
                                                                • Added transmission fade in effect on signature type
                                                                • Fixed bugs related to Non-Object settingsController.php
                                                                • Fixed bug related to super admin not saving
                                                                • Added link Back to Main Site on document page
                                                                • Added alert for Duplicate Email Settings
                                                                • Centered footer email logo
                                                                • Align Left, Center, Right Logo + Tagline in Email
                                                                • Added hooks/filters for WooCommerce add-on
                                                                • Requirement filter has been added
                                                                • e-signature user list shortcode added
                                                                • Added page break shortcode [eisg-page-break]
                                                                • Added woo icon and comments icon
                                                                • Increased speed on the document signing page
                                                                • Added new I agree method
                                                                • Edited beta URLS to live URL
                                                                • Made loading statuses visible from wherever you are on a document
                                                                • Hide addons and support tabs on all users except the Super Admin user
                                                                • Fixed bug related to the license key not saving when handing over super admin access

                                                                Version 1.1.5

                                                                • ios agree & submit bug fixed
                                                                • Fatal error on add-ons page fixed.
                                                                • Delete signers bug fixed
                                                                • mcrypt_encrypt block size condition added
                                                                • cipher block chaining(cbc) constant checked
                                                                • Fixed height of progress bar
                                                                • internal server error on add-ons controller fixed

                                                                Version 1.1.4

                                                                • Add-on controller added
                                                                • Better (more interactive) dashboard added to Add-On tabs
                                                                • One click installer
                                                                • Upgrade button logic added
                                                                • Added ability to enable and disable add-ons from the add-on tab
                                                                • Added mini-icons for each add-on class
                                                                • Added progress bar for installation process
                                                                • Fixed bug related to ios and tablets not being able to easily agree and submit their signature
                                                                • php depreciation fixed
                                                                • Added version info to add-on page
                                                                • Added new logic to license page
                                                                • Transient added to license page
                                                                • Fixed bug related to not being able to access E-Signature as second sender
                                                                • E-mail invitation sender filter has been added
                                                                • Added css for custom message add-on
                                                                • Mail type added to invite model
                                                                • License checking now only happens in core (instead of ALL add-ons)

                                                                Version 1.1.3

                                                                • Replace ApproveMe logo in header with Verification logo and replaced link with security and protection link. Added Hint.css tooltip css.
                                                                • Added hooks and logic for Assign Signer Order Add-On
                                                                • Added bulk document deleting feature
                                                                • Fixed restore document from trash bug
                                                                • Fixed bug preventing some users from drawing their signature
                                                                • Added the ability for sender to manually resend a signer invite
                                                                • Added new coffee cup page loader for dashboard while waiting for document to be created
                                                                • Added a modal for the terms of use
                                                                • updated terms of service link to terms of service
                                                                • Added new terms of use agreement that is specific for signers
                                                                • Fixed bug that allowed users to submit a document when Agree & Sign button is not active/no signature is added to a document
                                                                • Fixed bug related to Undefined variable: plugin_name
                                                                • Added license key message to Settings tab
                                                                • Added logic for right side/premium add-on section which hides the recommendation for add-ons if add-ons are installed
                                                                • Added Bootstrap css for tables so documents can support html tables
                                                                • Added bootstrap css for tables in pdf css so pdfs can now render the tables
                                                                • Added more consistency to the css
                                                                • Added a Report Bug popup form with license logic to the dashboard
                                                                • Added min-width of email input on document page
                                                                • Added logic that allows users that have not yet saved their settings to still access System Info for WP E-Signature
                                                                • Added 100% width for logos in the signer invite emails
                                                                • Added alert message notifying user if they Wordpress install is not supported
                                                                • Fixed bug related to the.po file not being editable/translatable
                                                                • Fixed bug related to horizontal radio buttons becoming vertical radio buttons on a PDF
                                                                • Added function so when sender clicks View Document from the WP Dashboard it now opens in a new tab
                                                                • Added benefits & differences beneath document types
                                                                • Fixed bug that was preventing dates from showing up in Awaiting Signature
                                                                • Fixed bug with Save PDF to email that was preventing the PDF from attaching to the email
                                                                • Fixed bug related to templates not displaying in My Documents
                                                                • Fixed esig_email_sending_invitation filter not returning proper value
                                                                • Added new upgrade button for license holders of individual & professional licenses
                                                                • Added notes/screenshots about how to find your license
                                                                • Added text required to signature pad in admin section
                                                                • Added more custom fonts
                                                                • Fixed bug related to auto auto my signature and notification
                                                                • Added default data when upload Logo branding is installed but not active
                                                                • Fixed undefined variable bugs
                                                                • Fixed bug related to force SSL on stand Alone not accepting default settings
                                                                • Fixed bug related to Hide E-Signature from dashboard

                                                                Version 1.1.2

                                                                • Upgrade link has been added
                                                                • Bug Found since recent update Version 1.1
                                                                • Invitation count msg has been added
                                                                • Added new support credentials disclaimer in TOS
                                                                • Parse error: syntax error, unexpected E-Signature from menu/top nav not working #223
                                                                • loop.php Undefined Index #233
                                                                • Undefined Variable Esig_page #232
                                                                • Posts menu instead of E-Signature Menu for new Docs #230
                                                                • Forced Admin to login to view documents (Earls Edit) #184
                                                                • Posts menu instead of E-Signature Menu for new Docs #230
                                                                • Edited text on Create Document page
                                                                • When no data is entered in white label options #5
                                                                • Fixed missing draft link
                                                                • Dropbox sync checkbox is not available on draft document edit page. #4
                                                                • Add-Ons need to be displayed (and accessible) when creating template #21
                                                                • Auto Add My Signature + Notification Bug #240
                                                                • Updated views pushed
                                                                • Created error message/alert for when users email is not sending
                                                                • Registered alert in the proper language file
                                                                • Edited email not sending error message

                                                                Version 1.1.1

                                                                • Fixed Misc Bugs

                                                                Version 1.1.0

                                                                • Fixed pre-release bugs

                                                                Version 1.0.12

                                                                • Removed wp_head(); and created custom esig_head and esig_footer so that no theme or plugin conflicts can ever occur on document signing pages

                                                                Version 1.0.11

                                                                • Theme excluding working properly
                                                                • When SAD is Password Protected formatting is off
                                                                • Sad document signed Audit trail signature id

                                                                Version 1.0.10

                                                                • Required fields error label height now 100%
                                                                • Fixed bug on signature pad (font was overriding)
                                                                • Footer is cutting off audit trail
                                                                • Fixed sidebar width
                                                                • Footer directory denied file added

                                                                Version 1.0.9

                                                                • Modified super admin notice so it is only visible to logged in admins
                                                                • Adjust css of popups
                                                                • Added new responsive signing workflow for smartphones
                                                                • Blocked other themes from inserting javascript and css into document signing page

                                                                Version 1.0.8

                                                                • Added ability to see who the super admin is on the page for support purposes
                                                                • Chosen arrow carrots not lining up properly on retina bug fixed
                                                                • New Logic for + Create Template Upload From Template add-on
                                                                • Completed changed/updated the document adding interface and how WP E-Signature handles signer requests.

                                                                Version 1.0.7

                                                                • normal/basic document is not closing/all signed properly
                                                                • all system settings value has been displayed
                                                                • core database method upgrade function has been added
                                                                • theme conflict bug fixed
                                                                • SAD + Core Page conflicts / confusion #38

                                                                Version 1.0.6

                                                                • Fixed bug related to danger zone not deleting

                                                                Version 1.0.5

                                                                • Two Signers and Viewing Signatures feature has been added
                                                                • Licensing Enhancement
                                                                • danger zone is now working properly
                                                                • audit trail id is now matching with notify owner and signer

                                                                Version 1.0.4

                                                                • Added two Step Popup for adding signers to documents
                                                                • Bug fixes
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