MCRYPT PHP has been replaced with open ssl

Kevin Michael Gray

We LOVE security… if you don’t know that already… you soon will. We’re passionate about the subject and always looking for ways to improve the security of WP E-Signature.

One of the (many) security features we use is encryption. You can read more about that here if you’re interested.

Up until the 1.5.1 release we have been using a php (the language WordPress runs on) mcrypt extension to handle all the encryption process of our application.

The php community has recently deprecated (i.e. abandoned) support of the mcrypt function. As such, we have also decided to migrate/support the a more secure function in its place called “Open SSL.”

Our 1.5.1 release includes a database export option where you will be able to export your document database before the update takes place and you will be given the opportunity to import it after the migration/upgrade to your database has been completed (should any problems arise).

There will likely be no issues during the migration process but we wanted to give YOU peace of mind and added protection with an opportunity to backup the database should any funny business occur.

Please note: depending on the size of your database and how many documents you have on your server this database upgrade could take some time.

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