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Internship Agreement Template

Here's what you'll find in the Internship Contract Template:

  • Standard internship agreement template for use by companies
  • Additional resources to help you with reviewing intern resumes (as they will differ from normal employee hires)
  • Additional resources to help with creating internship job descriptions and what to look for
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Working With Interns: Intern Contract Templates vs Employee Contracts

The employment contract Whether an internship agreement qualifies as an employment contract follows imperatively from the law. A contract is an employment contract if the following three essential elements are fulfilled: (i) the employee’s obligation to perform work, (ii) the employer’s obligation to pay salary and (iii) the presence of a relationship of authority. The internship agreement The internship agreement is not specifically regulated by law. The parties are therefore in principle free to agree on the conditions under which the internship agreement will be concluded. Due to the three essential elements of an employment contract, an internship agreement could in fact be an employment contract. However, there is no “work” within the meaning of an employment contract if the activities are primarily meant to expand the knowledge and skills of the intern, also in the light of the completion of his/her study program. If this is the case, the relationship between the company and the intern will not qualify as an employment contract. Best practices To prevent internship agreements from being regarded as employment contracts as much as possible, the following best practices can be followed:

  • Mention in the internship agreement that the agreement was concluded to help the intern to expand his/her knowledge and skills within the company and that the parties explicitly do not intend to conclude an employment contract;
  • Use terms like “internship provider” and “intern” rather than “employer” and “employee”;
  • Agree that the intern will receive an evaluation in the interim period and at the end of his/her internship, preferably in line with their coursework or curriculum; whether they are in high school or college/university
  • Ensure that the intern can expand his/her knowledge and skills and that the educational objectives therefore prevail over the performance of productive work;
  • Limit the duration of the internship agreement to a maximum of six months, unless the intern requires a longer internship with regard to his/her study program; and
  • Pay a lower internship allowance than the minimum wage (or as comfortable of a wage as you prefer to give)

Feeback around bringing an intern onboard It’s best to treat interns as potential employees, as you can groom them to fit within your organization, but aren’t explicitly committed to them long term. GIven that, building an actual intern job description puts you in a good standing to set your expectations, document them, and clearly have consistent conversations with candidates. Request or require things like an internship resume, cover letter, references, etc. Check to see if they have prior, preferably, relevant skills or work experience and screen them with either a background check or some light probing via social media to ensure they meet your expectations of who you bring into your company. If your internship program specifically targets college students, state that in your job posting/description. Get a sense for other student resumes via Google or LinkedIn so your expectations are set from the beginning, as these folks may not be coming with a wealth of experience for you to evaluate on paper. As a hiring manager when working with students, you can also specifically look to see if they have volunteer experience, or participate in extracurricular activities as signs to get higher quality candidates. Resources: Example internship resume samples Internship cover letter examples

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[COMPANY LETTERHEAD] [INTERN NAME] [INTERN ADDRESS] [INTERN ADDRESS] Dear [INTERN NAME], PRINCIPLE STATEMENT OF TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF YOUR INTERNSHIP Welcome to [COMPANY NAME]. This document outlines the Terms and Conditions which apply to your Internship with [COMPANY NAME]. I agree understand that purpose of this agreement is to expand upon my knowledge and experience in the field of [AREA OF BUSINESS]. I also agree and understand that I will be evaluated by my supervisor as to the development and knowledge of the learning and educational experience with to maintain regular contact with [COMPANY NAME]. 1. The commencement date of your intern placement is [BEGIN DATE]. 2. Your intern placement will be for a fixed period of [LENGTH OF INTERNSHIP], and end on [END DATE]. If all goes well and the business is progressing well, there is the possibility of a permanent role. These opportunities will be discussed with you towards the end of the placement. 3. Your work base will be at the office located at [OFFICE LOCATION], however [COMPANY NAME] reserves the right, with appropriate consultation with you, to change your work base location should the needs of the business require of change of your work location. 4. Your expected working hours will be [hours per week] hours week Monday to Friday. [COMPANY NAME] may require you to vary the pattern of your working hours if required on a temporary or permanent basis should the needs of the post require this (for example, meetings, calls, contact with customers or external bodies). 5. Overtime payments will not be paid. [DELETE IF UNPAID] 6. You will be subject to the terms and conditions as agreed and amended from time to time by [COMPANY NAME] as outlined in any of its policies, procedures, handbooks and other relevant documents. 7. The salary for your role is $[wage per hour] per hour. [OR] This is an unpaid internship and no compensation will be made for duties provided for [COMPANY NAME]. 8. If [COMPANY NAME] makes an overpayment to you to which you are not entitled, or is more than that to which you are entitled for whatever reason, you agree to allow [COMPANY NAME] to recover the overpayment by deductions from your salary or other payments due to you. Any deductions will normally be made over the same period that the overpayment was made. It is in your interests to regularly check your pay check details. [DELETE IF UNPAID] 9. You will be paid [frequency of payment] for the hours worked in the previous pay period. A pay period is from [pay period start] to [pay period end]. [DELETE IF UNPAID] 10. You are obliged to give [COMPANY NAME] two weeks’ notice to terminate your internship. [COMPANY NAME] is obliged to give you two weeks notice before terminating your internship. 11. You are required to report any sickness absence as soon as is practicably possible to your immediate supervisor and provide a doctors explanation of sickness where sickness lasts three days or more. 12. During the course of this Internship, it may be necessary for [COMPANY NAME] to share proprietary information, including trade secrets, industry knowledge, and other confidential information, to you in order for you to complete your designated duties. As an intern will not share any of this proprietary information at any time, even after the termination or expiration of this internship. You also will not use any of this proprietary information for your personal benefit at any time, even after the termination or expiration of this internship. 13. You hereby agree that, while you are an intern with [COMPANY NAME] and for one (1) year following the termination or expiration of your internship with [COMPANY NAME], you will not (i) recruit, attempt to recruit or directly or indirectly participate in the recruitment of, any [COMPANY NAME] employee or (ii) directly or indirectly solicit, attempt to solicit, canvass or interfere with any customer or supplier of [COMPANY NAME] in a manner that conflicts with or interferes in the business of [COMPANY NAME] as conducted with such customer or supplier. 14. This document does not serve as an employment contract, but rather specifies the goals, intent and details of the Internship. This agreement constitutes the entire agreement of the parties with respect to the Internship. There is no guarantee or expectation of employment with [COMPANY NAME] at the conclusion of this internship. Any offer of employment will be at the sole discretion of [COMPANY NAME]. If you are in agreement with the above terms and conditions please sign both copies of this statement, retain one and return the other to me. Yours sincerely, [COMPANY NAME] ______________________ [AUTHORIZED SIGNATORY OF COMPANY] I accept this appointment on the terms and conditions stated above, and agree to the following: SIGNATURE______________________________________ [INTERN NAME] [INTERN ADDRESS] [INTERN ADDRESS] [INTERN PHONE] [INTERN EMAIL] DATE_______________________

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Unlock lifetime-access to this contract and 100+ more templates, today!


Unlock lifetime-access to this contract and 100+ more templates, today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you write an internship contract?

Internship contracts are legally binding agreements that need to be in writing. Your contract should set out the duties and responsibilities of the intern, the employer's responsibilities, and what will happen when the internship is over. It should also include information about compensation for work performed. The contract needs to be signed by both parties.

What is an internship contract?

An internship contract is an agreement between an intern and employer for a given period of time. An internship contract should define at least three things:
- Duration of the internship
- The tasks involved in the internship
- Salary, if any

What is an internship agreement letter?

An internship agreement letter is a document that contains the terms and conditions of an internship. It is usually created by the employer and given to the intern before they start their internship. Your letter should include things like the time commitment, work location, salary, benefits, company policies etc.

What should be included in an internship contract?

It is important to have an internship contract when choosing an intern for your business. Internships provide a way for young people to get practical experience in their profession, while also learning about the various aspects of the company they are interning for.
Your internship contract should include:
- The hours and days of work.
- A list of tasks and duties.
- Clear expectations on how interns will be compensated and the length of time the internship will last.
- A list of what is expected from interns and what they can expect from their employer.

Do you need an internship agreement?

An internship agreement is a legal contract that defines the terms and conditions for an internship, such as duration, pay, and type of work to be performed. In most cases, it is between the company and the intern and it sets out in writing what both parties agree to do.
There are many benefits of having a written agreement in place before you start your internship. For instance, it can help you avoid conflicts later on when one party feels that they deserve something more from the other party. It also prevents miscommunication about expectations for your time and evaluation from your employers from happening in the future.

Do interns get a contract?

When you decide to become an intern, it is important to understand what the internship agreement is. Internship agreements are usually between the employer and the intern. They are meant to state expectations, duties, and legal terms of an internship period.
It is important for both parties to read over the contract before proceeding with an agreement. It should include specifics about what the employer expects from the intern as well as what they expect from their employer during their time with them.

When should I use an internship agreement form?

Internship agreement forms are helpful when you want to establish a clear understanding of your internship obligations and expectations. The document also ensures that the intern is aware of the company's policies and procedures before accepting the internship. It is important to include in this agreement what stipends or benefits an internship offers, whether it includes work-related expenses, and whether or not the internship is paid in exchange for work.

Are interns self employed?

Interns are classified as an employee, not as a self-employed. In order for an intern to be considered as a self-employed, he/she has to have a contract that sets out the terms of his/her engagement. These terms must be agreed by both parties before the work starts.

What is the difference between contract and internship?

Generally, a contract is known as an agreement between two parties where one party agrees to do something and the other party agrees to pay for it. Internships are usually treated like temporary jobs. However, this is not always the case. For example, some internships can last throughout a person's college career.
Interns usually have a smaller workload than regular employees and they may be required to perform tasks that are not considered core responsibilities of their company or organization. In addition, interns usually have less responsibility and authority than regular employees in the same organization.

What is a Internship Agreement?

A internship agreement is a contract where the company agrees to provide work experience and training for a person in exchange for help with completing tasks and responsibilities. The agreement should contain the trainee's duties and tasks, as well as what they will learn from the internship. The company should also specify how much money is paid, what benefits are provided and whether they will provide transportation.

Who needs a Internship Contract?

If you need a document to set clear expectations for both an intern and company, you need a internship contract. A internship contract is a legal document that needs to be created in order to protect both the company and the intern. It sets out the terms of the internship, such as its duration, work hours, monthly salary, and other perks. The goal of this document is to set clear expectations for both parties before any work is done.

How to write a Internship Agreement

A Internship Agreement is a document which contains what an intern will do, how long they are expected to work, when their pay will start, what they are not allowed to do on the job, what benefits they are entitled to while working, and more.

What must a Internship Agreement have?

A Internship Agreement must have a list of the duties and responsibilities of the intern to the company, as well as a list of what benefits will be provided by the internship.
In order to have a valid contract, the agreement should have the following:
- The duration of time that can be agreed upon
- Duties and responsibilities of both parties
- A list of benefits for both parties

Do Internship Agreement’s have to be in writing?

Internship agreement’s should be in writing. They should state the terms of the internship, responsibilities of each party, rights and duties of both parties, duration of the internship period, remuneration if any, among other things.

What should I put in my Internship Agreement?

​​When writing an Internship Agreement, you should make sure it includes the following:
- Title
- Duration of the intern’s employment (Length of time or until the intern has learned all the skills)
- Payment (weekly, monthly, hourly)
- Benefits (if any)
- Hours of work (hours per week, hours per day)
- Location of work (are they allowed to work remotely?)
- Misc. Questions, such as confidentiality and termination

How to make a Internship Agreement

The internship agreement is a document that outlines the terms of an intern's work and establishes guidelines for their relationship with the employer. These agreements are typically drawn up before the internship begins and should be signed by both the employer and intern.
The Agreement should include:
- Specific tasks that will be assigned to the intern
- Specific skills that will be taught to the intern
- The length of time for which this agreement will last
- A description of any remuneration or compensation provided to the intern during their time at the company

How long are Internship Agreement good for?

An Internship Agreement is a legally binding document that is signed by an intern and their employer. It can be used to help employers ensure reciprocation of duties, confidentiality, and non-disclosure. The validity of the agreement is not limited to a specific period, but it may need to be extended if the internship is extended or there's an extension in the work duration.

What are some Internship Contract examples?

You can download an Internship Contract example template on this page! Simply add your name and email to the form and you will receive an Internship Contract template via email from

Where can I find an internship agreement template word? has you covered with an internship agreement template word! You can download a template on this page after simply adding your name and email to our form.

What needs to be included in an internship agreement document?

An internship agreement document is a contract between an employer and an intern. It should include the following:
1) The name of both parties of the agreement.
2) A description of the internship program, including duration, work hours, location and position.
3) Scope of work to be performed by interns.
4) Name and contact details of a contact person for both parties of the agreement.
5) Details on fringe benefits offered by company to interns - including free housing, meals, transportation allowance etc., if any.
6) A statement on what happens when this agreement expires or ends - whether it is renewed or not renewed or if there is a notice period that needs to be followed before it can end.
7) The signature from both parties.

Do you have a sample unpaid internship agreement?

To get a free sample unpaid internship agreement, you can select the Download Contract button and enter your name and email. You can edit the terms of this contract to make sure that it meets your needs, including mentioning that you are referencing an unpaid internship.

Unpaid internship agreement vs non paid internship agreement

In an unpaid internship, an intern works for a company and does not receive any salary. Whereas in a non paid internship agreement, the intern receives some sort of compensation other than wages such as college credits, course credits, or credit towards their degree.

How to write internship agreement doc

An internship agreement doc is a legal document that outlines all the terms and conditions of an internship. It can help everyone involved to avoid misunderstandings and disputes.
An internship agreement should include the following:
- A description of the position's responsibilities, including hours and location
- The duration of the internship
- The type of work performed by the intern, as well as its relevance to his or her future career goals
- The expectation for interns to provide feedback on their experience with a job offer in mind
- Compensation details such as stipends, housing, or mileage reimbursement

How to use an online signature with a paid internship contract template doc

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