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Life Coaching Contract Template

Here's what you'll find in the Life Coaching Contract :

  • A contract template for life coaches
  • Tips for those contracting a life coach on things to avoid, key items to pay attention to, and general resources which may be helpful
  • Advice on getting contracts signed quickly, digitally, and legally
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Life Coaching Contract Template

  A life coaching contract is an agreement between two parties where the client desires to retain the professional services of a life coach. A well-drafted contract protects both the life coach and the client. It identifies the contractual relationship between the parties. It also establishes each party’s obligations and responsibilities.  

  • A life coaching agreement sets the tone of the relationship between the life coach and the client.
  • This life coaching contract lays out what is expected of the life coach and what is expected of the client.
  • The contract should detail the services and goals between the life coach and the client.
  • This life coaching contract is straightforward and easy to follow.

  What is a Life Coach?   A life coach is a disciplined professional that helps clients identify their goals and develop a plan for achieving them. A life coach helps clients reach their potential and encourages clients to accomplish their aspirations. A life coach can offer a variety of services. A life coaching and client relationship is a creative partnership that may:  

  • Help a client discover their talents and how they can implement them in their daily lives;
  • Promote one’s self-discovery and personal growth;
  • Use their expertise to create and modify obtainable goals;
  • Collaborate a vision;
  • Create an accountability plan to boost productivity;
  • Achieve self-image and fitness goals;
  • Finding a work-life balance; and,
  • Incorporating core values.

  The Importance of a Life Coaching Contract   Online life coaching is a more modern approach to the profession. It is an effective and convenient way for the life coach and client to connect while accommodating their busy schedules. According to the International Coach Federation (ICF), a coaching contract is mandatory. The Federation establishes rules, expectations, and spirit of the agreement.   What Should be Included in a Life Coaching Contract   There are quite a few points that should be incorporated into a life coaching contract. One of the essential parts of a life coaching agreement is both party’s contact information. The parties must know how to contact each other. Further, if some life coaching sessions are scheduled over the phone, the phone number the life coach is supposed to call should be identified in the client’s contact information. Other essential elements of a life coaching agreement include:  

  • Goals and Purpose – The purpose of the contract is vital. The contract should consist of what the client’s goals are and how the life coach plans to achieve such goals. The specific purpose should be identified along with the client’s expectation. Without a purpose, it is difficult for the life coach to perform their services. Therefore, without a goal, the contract is incomplete. The goal should be meaningful to the client.
  • Expectations – Both parties will have expectations of the other. The client expects the life coach to provide professional services to help them accomplish their goals. In return, the life coach also has expectations. The life coach will implement a plan to hold the client accountable and establish “self-responsibility.” It is important to reflect on what the client can expect from the life coach and that the life coach can expect from the client. A provision noting the client’s responsibilities and the life coach’s obligations is an integral part of managing the party’s expectations.
  • Degree of Support – Depending on the circumstances and goals within the agreement, the life coach should integrate the life coach’s level of support afforded to the client.
  • Scope of Services and Structure – The professional services that the life coach plans to provide to the client should be detailed. The coach-client relationship should be defined along with the structure of the coaching plan. The structure includes the number of sessions (weekly or monthly) and the mode of life coaching sessions (in person, phone, or internet via messenger service or video service). The contract should set the term of the agreement and procedure for termination of the life coaching agreement.
  • Compensation – Depending on the scope of services and individual circumstances, the fees may vary client to client. The terms of compensation should be part of a life coaching contract.
  • Limitations – The life coach should set forth any limits as to what services they can provide and what services they cannot provide. For example, a life coach is not permitted to diagnose, treat, or provide therapy for mental illnesses. Such services are provided by a psychologist, psychiatrist, counselor, or other mental health professional.  
  • Cancellation Policy – Things come up, so a life coaching contract must include a cancellation policy. This protects the life coach from losing revenue in the event a client does not show for a scheduled session. This provision can also benefit the client should the life coach need to reschedule a session. The policy should establish how much notice is required for cancellation of a meeting. It is usually a twenty-four (24) hour notice.

  Common Mistakes in a Life Coaching Agreement    Technology has transformed the way we work. This means a life coach is not limited to in-person sessions. Some life coaches perform their services over the phone, via email, or by a messenger or video chat. The exact location and mode of services should be included in the contract. If it is an in-person meeting, the location (including the address) should be listed.   A life coaching contract can operate as a hybrid-agreement. It can provide for all modes of sessions, catering to the client and the option to choose whichever is most convenient for the parties. Another element that is commonly overlooked is the confidentiality clause. A confidentiality clause restricts each party from disclosing protected and privileged information. It is important to note that the life coaching contract is not protected by legal confidentiality, meaning that the life coach may be required to turn over otherwise confidential information to the authorities.   Dispute resolution is a crucial element of a life coaching contract. It lays out each party’s responsibility to first engage in good-faith negotiations before commencing legal action. The agreement may also provide that the parties also undergo mediation or arbitration before taking legal action against the other party. It is also vital to designate which party is responsible for legal fees in the event of a dispute.   Speaking of legality, it is essential to contact a lawyer to review your life coaching agreement. The lawyer is familiar with local laws and statutes, and they can review your document for compliance and enforceability.   Another common mistake is the parties forgetting to sign the agreement. In order to be a valid and enforceable contract, it must be appropriately signed by both the life coach and the client.   How to Get Your Life Coaching Agreement Signed Electronically    ApproveMe is devoted to simplifying the electronic-signing process. Electronic signatures are legally binding and are a fast and secure way to get your business contracts signed. The life coaching contract pdf can be e-signed and sent to both parties for their records. ApproveMe is the link between your company’s success and client satisfaction.   Helpful Resources for Life Coaches    A large number of life coaches have transitioned to an online platform. This method is appealing because it can connect the parties that may not be able to meet in person for various reasons. It is also convenient and offers more flexibility for both parties.   Here are a few virtual meeting spaces that life coaches can incorporate in their life coaching business:  


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Life Coaching Contract

This Life Coaching Agreement (“Agreement”) dated on this ___ day of  _______, 20__ (the “Effective Date”) is made between __________________________ (the “Life Coach”) and _______________________ (the “Client”), for the purpose of setting forth the exclusive terms and conditions by which the Client desires to acquire the Life Coaching Services (“Services”) from the Life Coach. WHEREAS, the Life Coach is engaged in the business of proving Life Coaching Services. WHEREAS, the Client wish to avail such services from the Life Coach in accordance with the terms and conditions of this contract. NOW, THEREFORE, FOR ALL GOOD AND VALUABLE CONSIDERATION, the Life Coach and the Client hereby agree as follows: Life Coach and Client Goals. The Client desires to achieve the below goals to boost and reach their full potential in the following area(s) of his or her life: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Scope of Services. The Client retains the above-referenced Life Coach, and the Life Coach agrees to perform for the Client, certain Services set forth in Exhibit A to this Agreement. Any Service outside of the scope as defined in Exhibit A to this Agreement may require a new Agreement for other services agreed to by the Parties. Consideration and Compensation. In exchange for the services rendered by the Life Coach, the Client agrees to compensate the Life Coach as follows: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Life Coach and Client Schedule. The date and location of the Life Coaching Services as defined in this Agreement shall be performed as set forth in Exhibit B (“Life Coaching Schedule”). The Life Coach shall perform the Services for the Client on the dates and times as agreed to and as defined in Exhibit B and shall observe all the holidays of the Life Coach. The Client and Life Coach Relationship. The Parties understand that the Client-Life coaching relationship is a partnership or alliance between the Client and Life Coach. This Client-Life coach relationship is an alliance and not a legal relationship. The Client acknowledges and understands the Services of the Life Coach is an inclusive and comprehensive process that may delve into certain areas of the Client’s personal life, including but not limited to, the Client’s life, relationships, career, education, recreation, fitness, and finances. The Client fully acknowledges that it is his or her ultimate personal decision as to how he or she decides to implement the Life Coach’s services, techniques, advice into such his or her life. The Client acknowledges and understands that the Services rendered by the Life Coach is not therapy and under no circumstances is it a substitute for therapy if needed. Further, the Life Coach and Services does not diagnose, cure, prevent, or treat any mental disease or disorder. Duties and Responsibilities of the Life Coach and Client. The Life Coach and Client agree to uphold their respectful obligations under this Life Coaching Contract. The parties acknowledge the Parties responsibilities and duties under this Contract are vital for the Client and Life coaching relationship to be successful. The Life Coach agrees to uphold the standards of behavior and ethics as defined by the International Coach Federation[1] (“ICF”). The ICF is a globally recognized standard for life coaching and other comparable Client-Coaching relationships. The Client agrees to stay in efficient and reasonable communication with the Life Coach. The Client agrees to provide honest feedback to the Life Coach and to fully devoted and engage in the Life Coach’s program and respective services they agree to provide. Cancellation Policy. Should the Client need to cancel a scheduled Life Coach Session (“Session”) a twenty-four (24) hour notice is required. Notice must be provided by phone and confirmed in writing. If the Client fails to give a minimum of twenty-four (24) hour notice on more than one occasion, Client may be required to pay ___% of the fee for the canceled Session. Canceling more than ____ consecutive Sessions, or more than _____ total scheduled sessions, without prior consent of the Life Coach, shall be deemed a material breach. In the event the Life Coach needs to cancel a scheduled Session, twenty-four (24) hour notice will be given to the Client by phone and confirmed in writing. If the Life Coach fails to give twenty-four (24) hour notice, Client will receive one (1) free Session for each occurrence. Term and Termination. This Life Coaching Contract may be terminated at any time by mutual agreement by the Life Coach and Client. This Life Coaching Contract shall be effective on the date hereof and shall continue until terminated by either party upon _____ business days written notice. The Client understands that the Life Coach may terminate this Agreement at any time if the Client fails to pay for the Services provided under this Agreement or if the Client breaches any other material provision listed in this Life Coaching Contract. The Client agrees to pay any outstanding balances within _____ days of termination. Confidentiality.  Any and all parties of this Contract, including all attachments hereto, shall be strictly construed and considered confidential in nature. Neither the Life Coach or the Client shall have the right and entitlement to disclose any information and detail in relation to the Contract and the Services herein represented and embodied. Such disclosure shall be considered a material breach of this Life Coaching Contract and shall be subject to further action by the aggrieved party. The Client understand that this Client-Life Coach Contract is not protected by legal confidentiality. Therefore, the Life Coach may be required to disclose otherwise confidential information to authorities. Limited Liability. The Life Coach makes no guarantees, warranties, or representations of any kind, express or implied with respect to the Services rendered and negotiated subject to this Agreement. In no event shall the Life Coach be held liable to the Client for any special, direct, or consequential damages. Notwithstanding any damages that the Client may acquire, the Life Coach’s under this Life Coaching Contract, and the Client’s sole remedy, shall be limited to the amount paid by the Client to the Life Coach under this Contract for all Services rendered throughout the duration of this Contract, including the date of termination. Client agrees that the Life Coach is not responsible for any inaction or actions, or for any indirect or direct result(s) of any Services rendered by the Life Coach. Dispute Resolution and Governing Law. Parties to this Agreement shall first attempt to settle any dispute through good-faith negotiation. If the dispute cannot be settled between the parties via negotiation, either party may initiate mediation or binding arbitration in the State of ________________. If the parties do not wish to mediate or arbitrate the dispute and litigation is necessary, this Agreement will be interpreted based on the laws of the State of _________________, without regard to the conflict of law provisions of such state. The Parties agree the dispute will be resolved in a court of competent jurisdiction in the State of ______________________. This Agreement shall be binding upon the successors and assigns of the respective parties. Legal Fees. Should a dispute between the named Parties arise lead to legal action, the prevailing Party shall be entitled to any reasonable legal fees, including, but not limited to attorneys’ fees. Severability. If any term or provision of this Agreement is invalid, illegal, or unenforceable in any jurisdiction, such invalidity, illegality, or unenforceability shall not affect any other term or provision of this Agreement or invalidate or render unenforceable such term or provision in any other jurisdiction. No Waiver. No waiver of or failure to act upon any of the provisions of this Agreement or any right or remedy arising under this Agreement shall be deemed or shall constitute a waiver of any other provisions, rights or remedies (whether similar or dissimilar). Counterparts. This Agreement may be executed in counterparts, each of which shall be deemed an original, but all of which together shall be deemed to be one and the same agreement. A signed copy of this Agreement delivered by facsimile. email, or other means of electronic transmission shall be deemed to have the same legal effect as delivery of an original signed copy of this Agreement. Electronic Signatures. This Agreement and related documents entered into in connection with this Agreement are signed when a party’s signature is delivered electronically, and these signatures must be treated in all respects as having the same force and effect as original signatures. Captions for Convenience. All captions herein are for convenience or reference only and do not constitute part of this Agreement and shall not be deemed to limit or otherwise affect any of the provisions hereof. Entire Agreement. This Agreement constitutes the sole and entire agreement of the Parties regarding the subject matter contained herein, and supersedes all prior and contemporaneous understandings, agreements, representations, and warranties, both written and oral, regarding such subject matter. This Agreement may only be amended, modified, or supplemented by an agreement in writing signed by each Party hereto. [Signatures on Following Page]                                                   IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned have executed this Life Coaching Contract effective as of the _____day of ________________, 20__ (the “Effective Date”).   Dated: _______________                                                                 Dated: _______________   ________________________________________                      _______________________________________ Life Coach’s Signature                                                                        Client’s Signature ________________________________________                      _______________________________________ Life Coach’s Printed Name or Entity                                                 Client’s Printed Name or Entity   Life Coach’s Contact Information:                                                   Client’s Contact Information: Address:                                                                                                Address: _______________________________________                        _______________________________________ _______________________________________                        _______________________________________ _______________________________________                        _______________________________________ Phone Number(s):                                                                               Phone Number(s): _______________________________________                        _______________________________________ _______________________________________                        _______________________________________ Email Address: __________________________                          Email Address: __________________________                           EXHIBIT A LIFE COACHING SERVICES The Life Coach agrees to provide the following Services: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________   Additional Services. The Life Coach can also or may provide the additional services to the Client as follows: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Additional services may include reading or writing reports, reviewing documents, or communication or engaging with Client outside of Life Coaching hours. Such Additional Services shall be provided to the Client upon written request to the Life Coach, and at such time, the Life Coach shall provide to the Client price quotes for any Additional Services requested.   The Life Coach shall perform the Life Coach Services at the following location(s): _________________________________                              ______________________________ _________________________________                              ______________________________ _________________________________                              ______________________________ _________________________________                              ______________________________  

Phone Number  
Email Address    
Internet Chat and/or Video Handle:  
Phone Number  
Email Address    
Internet Chat and/or Video Handle:  

*Each Party is responsible for notifying the other Party should their contact information change.     EXHIBIT B LIFE COACHING SESSION SCHEDULE ____ Weekly. The Parties agree to meet on a weekly basis via phone, in-person, or via internet communications.   Weekly Schedule (Optional)

Day of Week Phone In-Person Internet Time Other
Sunday       _ _: _ _ to _ _: _ _ A.M./P.M.  
Monday       _ _: _ _ to _ _: _ _ A.M./P.M.  
Tuesday       _ _: _ _ to _ _: _ _ A.M./P.M.  
Wednesday       _ _: _ _ to _ _: _ _ A.M./P.M.  
Thursday       _ _: _ _ to _ _: _ _ A.M./P.M.  
Friday       _ _: _ _ to _ _: _ _ A.M./P.M.  
Saturday       _ _: _ _ to _ _: _ _ A.M./P.M.  
Sunday       _ _: _ _ to _ _: _ _ A.M./P.M.  

  ____ Monthly. The Parties agree to meet on a monthly basis via phone, in-person, or via internet communications as follows: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________   The Parties acknowledge that the above days, location, and time(s) are subject to change. Each Party agrees that such change shall be confirmed and agreed to in writing. The Parties are held to the cancellation policy as defined in the Life Coaching Contract.   Other: _____________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________     [1]

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do life coaches need a contract?

A life coach contract is a legal document that binds the client and coach together to set expectations and obligations for their relationship. It is used to get the necessary information about the coaching process and the expectations of both parties.
The contract can help both parties clarify their roles and responsibilities while setting the terms and conditions of the agreement.

How do you use a coaching contract template?

A life coaching contract template is a document that you can use to get the necessary information about the coaching process and the expectations of both parties. It will help you make sure that your client understands what they are signing up for and it will also help you make sure your client knows what they should expect from your work.

What needs to be included in a simple coaching agreement?

A simple coaching agreement is a document that outlines the terms of any agreement between a coach and their client. Such templates can consist of an intake form, agenda for appointment, expectations & objectives, fees & payment terms, confidentiality agreement, outside referrals and more.

Which element is most important in a coaching contract template?

There are many important elements of a life coaching contract template.
One of them is the scope of work. This section specifies what will be done and how it will be accomplished.
Another important section is the payment terms which specifies who pays for what and when. This is especially important to define so that no disputes are made in the future.
Lastly, the cancellation terms specify how much notice needs to be given by either party in order to cancel the contract.

What should a life coach contract include?

A life coach contract should include a confidentiality agreement that ensures that all the information shared by the client is kept confidential. It should also include a set of goals and objectives for the coaching sessions, as well as a list of tasks for the client to complete outside of meetings with their life coach.
The contract should also outline how often and for how long sessions will take place. It might be beneficial to have an agreement on what happens if one side doesn't fulfill their obligations, such as if the client misses a session or doesn't complete their tasks outside of meetings.

Is there a demand for life coaches?

The demand for life coaches has increased over the years as they have become more popular among people. RIght now, there is a strong need for life coaches. This is because people are living in a fast-paced world and they are looking for someone who can help them with their issues, from career problems to emotional issues.
A life coach is a professional who provides guidance and advice on how to improve one's life. They can help with anything from finding a new career to getting over an addiction.

How much should I charge for life coaching?

There are different ways to charge for life coaching. You can charge by the hour, by the session, or by a flat rate for a package of sessions.
- Charging by an hourly rate is best for those who want to make money off of their time and focus on one client at a time.
- Charging by a session is best for those who want to provide group or family counseling sessions and don't have as much time per client as they would like to have.
- Charging with a flat rate for a package of sessions is best for those who want to offer clients more affordable packages upfront.

How Much Do Life coaches make per client?

The amount of money that life coaches make depends on the type of coaching they are providing, their experience, and the area of expertise that they are in. These are great things to evaluate as you figure out how much you should charge for life coachaing.
Another great idea is to research life coaches in your area and see what their rates are. Comparing various other life coaches should give you a good idea of where you may want to land in terms of what you might charge your customers.

How do you structure a professional coaching contract?

Every life coach may have their own way of structuring their professional coaching contract. However, the structure of the life coaching contract pdf matters less than the content of the contract.
Be sure to include the following in your professional life coaching contract pdf. An easy way to make sure you have all of these sections included is to start with the template on this page.
- The scope of the coaching, including what you will be working on together
- The duration of the coaching, including how many sessions are included in the package
- How much you will be paying for each session or package, and what type of payment is accepted
- What happens if you need to cancel a session or stop coaching altogether

How do I use this free life coaching contract pdf?

You can download this free life coaching contract PDF using the Download Contract button. Then type in your name and email address and get ready to receive this contract template in your inbox.
Be sure to customize the contract template with your business specifics like coach and client goals, scope of services, compensation, cancelation policy, etc.

How many clients should a life coach have?

The number of clients that a life coach should have is an important question to ask. The answer depends on the coach's skillsets, resources, and experience.
There are many factors that will determine the number of clients that a life coach should have. What is their area of expertise? How do they prefer to work with their clients? Do they want to focus on one client at a time or work with multiple people at once?
These are all great questions to ask as you determine how many clients you are able to effectively coach at any given time.

How long are life coach contracts

The duration of life coach contracts is usually determined by the client's needs and how long it will take to achieve their goals. The coach should set timelines in the coaching agreement pdf so that both parties effectively fill their roles and responsibilities in the time given.
Sometimes the coach allows some wiggle-room for timelines on goals and expectations, so it’s important to include information about this in your life coaching contract pdf if that is the case.

How long is a coaching agreement pdf valid for?

The length of time for a coaching agreement pdf is dependent on the agreement. Some agreements are valid for a fixed period of time, while others have no expiration date.
This coaching agreement pdf has spaces to add your desired timelines so you can customize each contract for each client.

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