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Protecting Contracts Using Electronic Signatures

Here’s the scenario: You’ve been working for weeks to get a particular client onboard. Having sent over samples and pointing them to real-world examples of your work, you finally agree on a contract going forward. The contract has all of the agreed terms and expectations of the job. This contract is valuable to you and … Continue Reading

Easy eContracts for Licensing Agreements

There has been so much change in the way we live in the last couple of decades that it almost makes you feel like we’re living in a sci-fi movie. One of the areas where big change has been really positive is in how we access our entertainment.

In 2015, according to the voice of … Continue Reading

maintenance contracts

The Web Developer’s Guide to Maintenance Contracts

Anyone who has developed a web front end, for a site or a web app, knows that handing over the code isn’t the end of the story. I’ve been involved in projects that seem to never end, and during the lifetime of the project, there seems to be endless maintenance. This is great if you’ve … Continue Reading


How To Keep Your Graphic Design Contract Simple

I’ve mentioned in previous posts a phrase that is useful to keep in mind for life in general, and also when creating, and negotiating, a contract. The phrase is ‘Keep It Simple, Simon” or KISS. If you’re a freelance graphic designer then you’ll no doubt want to focus on your core business, creating great graphics, … Continue Reading

Why Freelance Developers Are Swtiching To Econtracts

Why Freelance Developers Are Switching To Econtracts

As freelance developers we are innovators and we like to create and build things. If we’d been born in the 30s we would have been the sorts of people who invented stuff in our backyard.

So, as developers we like to look at ways in which we can improve our product; add beneficial features, add-in … Continue Reading

7 Essentials You Need In Your Freelance Design Contract

Creatives are just that…creative. Most of us in freelance design really don’t like to get involved in the minutiae and the grind of certain business tasks. Contract negotiation is one such task. You have to read through boring legalize and make sure that you don’t miss anything vital in the clauses. But when you work … Continue Reading