WordPress Document Portal + Carbon Copy (CC) Users

Kevin Michael Gray

Today is a very exciting day for WP E-Signature customers! We’re over the moon elated to officially announce the release of version 1.4. This update has been in development for almost 3 months now and it includes a number of new features and of course several improvements.

+CC Recipients to an Esignature Document

After months of planning as of 1.4.0 you can now CC (or carbon copy) a non-signer to a esignature document. CC’ing a recipient will grant access to an completed/electronically signed document once it is in the completed state. You can read all about this exciting new feature here.

eSignature Carbon Copy Documents

Two Factor Authentication for Esign Digital Contracts

We’re huge security nerds over here at ApproveMe… and we LOVE finding ways to make your documents and online contracts as secure as possible. In 1.4.0 we introduced the first (of soon to be many) option(s) for two factor authentication. In the esignature industry one of the big legal components to having a legally enforceable electronic signature is to have the means of proving signer intent. With two factor authentication it makes it that much more difficult to argue against the intent of a signer. In future releases you can expect sms authentication and eventually public records authentication. This is an exciting milestone for WP E-Signature as having the access code authentication paves the way for more complex and advanced factors and identity verification systems.

Read all about this fantastic two factor esign verification here

two factor later authentication

Updated and Improved Add-On folder/feature management system

We LOVE site performance. And suffice it to say we’ve learned a thing or two about what to do… and also what “not to do” with folder structure and plugin updating systems. 1.4.0 intoduces a new and improved add-on management system that will speed up performance and make updating and managing add-ons very simple in the long run… the catch though… is if you are upgrading from 1.3.6 or lower you will need to manually run each add-on update from the E-Signature Add-Ons tab once you update the core E-Sign plugin to 1.4.0. You can read all about how to do that here.

wordpress e-sign plugin ftp

Awesome new features we introduced in 1.3.6 but didn’t officially announce…


WordPress Document Portal

Have you ever wanted to create a WordPress Client Portal for your Contracts & Assign Documents to a Specific User Role with WP e Signature? Well now you officially can! You can create any number of stand alone documents and assign them to a specific WordPress user role… then insert a shortcode to display the required documents… signed documents… and even optional documents. Read all about how the WordPress Document Portal for WPEsign™ works.

WordPress Client Portal

New Audit Trail (released in 1.3.6)

We spent ALOT of time investigating and improving on the behind the scenes security that makes up WP E-Signature. Some of the more “visual” updates can be found in our new and improved WordPress audit trail signature certificate. Read all about it above (and checkout the interactive audit trail to learn all about the audit trail id#, scannable bar codes, signer ID #’s and more.

WordPress Audit Trail

WP Esignature

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