How to Connect WP E-Signature to Zapier

Zapier is a powerful application that acts as a phone switchboard between two more more applications. Occasionally your esignature workflow might require an advanced integration with a third-party service, google spreadsheet, zoho mail crm, etc. In this case you can setup an advanced E-Signature to Zapier workflow using the Zapier Email Parsing feature and the … Continue Reading

WP Forms Signature Add-On by WP Esign

As a business owner, no one’s gonna cover your butt except you. If the future of your business came down to your contracts filled out on your websites, are you sure they’re safe? Now you can be.

WP Forms Signature Add-On by WP E Signature

On behalf of the entire ApproveMe team, we are excited … Continue Reading

Formidable Forms Signature by WP E Signature

This Formidable Forms Signature Add-on will absolutely transform your online business. Owning a business can be awesome, but certain parts have always been a pain.

Things like:

  • Chasing down clients to get them to sign.
  • Making sure new users don’t get lost.
  • Covering your butt in case your contracts come into question.

Pretty sure we … Continue Reading

Version 1.4.6 Released

WP Esignature is a great day… we have officially released 1.4.6 (a stability patch).

Version 1.4.6 – December 13, 2016

  • FIX: Pdf attachment non object issue has been fixed
  • ADDED: Add-ons update checker for old installation added
  • FIX: Gravity signature add-on conflict has been fixed
  • FIX: Issue related to custom
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1.4.0 Released

Today is a very exciting day for WP eSignature customers! We’re over the moon elated to officially announce the release of version 1.4. This update has been in development for almost 3 months now and it includes a number of new features and of course several improvements.

+CC Recipients to an Esignature Document

After months … Continue Reading


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